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Data is the new oil

Call To Future — Dec 2018 by Nuno Periquito

The concept is usually credited to Clive Humby, the British mathematician who established Tesco’s Clubcard loyalty program. Like oil, data has the potential to deeply affect and change the course of humanity. However, to be used and have a transformative impact, it needs to be refined.

We can already foresee how deeply data will change our existence. Like oil, in its purest form, it has very little significance, but when we connect, for example, our online social persona and behaviours, with our online buying patterns then it has value, a lot of value.

Organisations in general and CSPs in particular, have always had a wealth of information about their customers’ behaviours, preferences and movements but, often, aren’t able to take advantage of this strategic asset in terms of extracting business value.

Although the telecommunication industry has been a very dynamic and innovative business sector, the truth is that, when compared to the state-of-the-art 10 years ago, today we are witnessing the birth of a new Era fuelled by the advances in mobile technology, convergence, IoT and cloud services, among other trends. Many of these technological domains were still in the drawing board 5 years ago and are now reshaping an entire industry, enabling the emergence of new business models and blurring the frontiers between IT and business users.

Big Data promises to tackle this challenge and help place CSPs in a unique position to engage customers and tap into new revenue streams. But the question remains: How can CSPs leverage this rich, complex and, many times, unknown data? How can it be used to gain valuable, unique insights about the business and customer experience?

Celfocus Analytics - Unleashing the Power of Business

Where’s Analytics?

  • When I go to the store or call the call centre… they always seem to know what I want…
  • I like when I get personalised promotions… contextualised with the places I’m passing by!
  • When I have network problems… I instantaneously receive apologies and sometimes a compensation!

The number and typology of use cases is much broader than the examples presented, because analytics is rapidly becoming ubiquitous and core to every modern and digitised CSP. Analytics covers the entire value chain and adds a layer of intelligence to the different building blocks, from network to the contact centre.

Celfocus’ knowledge in telecommunications, combined with a deep experience in BI and Analytics solutions, puts us in a unique position to unleash the business potential of your organisation through the power of analytics.

With a significant track record in deploying analytic solutions in diverse areas such as network optimisation, customer experience enhancement, digital TV and IoT Q&S monitoring, among others, Celfocus provides an end-to-end support to CSPs’ Big Data initiatives.

Celfocus Analytics Competences

For a long time, organisations using BI were mostly concerned about understanding how the business was going. This rear-view mirror was favoured by senior management and backed-up for dashboards and business KPIs. The fierce competitive environment and customer dynamics that CSPs face nowadays demands a new approach.

Analytics helps CSPs get new insights and tackle different business challenges, supported by a plethora of new tools and technologies, democratising access to information across the organisation, impacting the entire value chain.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all roadmap when it comes to analytics deployment. Based on the business requirements and use cases, some solutions and technologies are more appropriate than others.

Analytics has a transversal impact across domains, covering from network to business, operations, IT and management. There are many moving parts, stakeholders and priorities pivotal to having the right skill set and technical competences.

Below the main analytical capabilities, mastered by Celfocus. The complementarity among them enables a holistic and uncompromised project approach, focused on delivering results.

Celfocus’ Analytics Experience

Big Data and analytics have become common in every CSP IT domain. Their reach covers distinct areas, such as customer experience and network monitoring.

Celfocus Analytics’ experience spans across different IT domains. Providing a 360º customer view, predicting and minimising TV service breakdowns or predicting network capacity bottlenecks, these are just some examples of the projects already in production, using different analytics technologies supported by accelerators, developed by Celfocus.

Below some examples of the main projects developed and how Celfocus has supported CSPs to either launch, structure or evolve their Big Data strategy.

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