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Celfocus OSS Offer - Network Centred, Partner Enabled and Customer Oriented

Call To Games — Jun 2017

It is down to the last minute of the championship and your team is about to score a penalty kick…

You invited friends, family and everyone is glued to the TV. The player starts to run towards the ball and… the TV screen goes black. Your TV is down, it’s on you.

This situation is a nightmare for both customers and CSPs. We all know the call to the contact centre is going to be a difficult one.

In a well-planned and optimised network, this situation, if not avoidable, could have been minimized. Once a problem is detected at the network level, an alternative route for traffic takes over the affected one thus not affecting service. It is then up to the OSS to identify, the problem source and fix it.

OSS is the insurance policy CSPs do not want to use and, for that to happen, the real work is done by anticipating and mitigating events, ensuring quality service without disruption.

Not long ago, users would be annoyed but tolerated voice conversations cuts or lack of network signal in some areas. However, today the impact is much wider because service equals connectivity and connectivity is crucial for today’s knowledge based society.

Celfocus OSS Offer

Covering both the BSS and OSS stack, Celfocus offers CSPs a full range of solutions. The experience, expertise and knowledge gained over the years places Celfocus in a unique position to understand both layers and the overall IT architecture ecosystem.

The differentiator in Celfocus OSS offer resides in understanding the underlying integration issues, mapping the critical processes, using certified frameworks and dedicated solutions. It ensures the necessary alignment between specialized IT applications that a CSP needs to run the network and sell services.

Celfocus’ OSS offer was developed with the goal of simplifying network management, facilitating engagement and interaction with partners and ensuring a positive customer experience.

Celfocus's vision of the OSS is of a service enabler where the business side can focus on building unique value propositions.

Celfocus OSS Delivery Framework - An Holistic Approach, From Planning to Support

Celfocus’ OSS Delivery Framework takes on a holistic approach to the OSS stack. By understanding the challenges CSPs face when transforming OSS, Celfocus built a framework that encompass the whole process from planning network expansion up to its proactive monitoring and assurance.

This framework can also be adjusted to focus and cover specific pain areas, being either network planning or delivery. The OSS business processes considered are agnostic to the technology, which allows its implementation to occur on either a greenfield or brownfield.

The main building blocks and areas covered by Celfocus OSS Delivery Framework shown below:

Celfocus Operations Portal - To better support OSS teams

The dynamic environment CSPs face, the constant pressure from the competition and the launch of new services has led to a complex IT architecture, which also stirred the OSS stack.

This context created a gap across the organization, where different stakeholders need on-time and reliable OSS information and can’t have it because, getting data from a myriad of systems loosely connected is not only time consuming but also prone to error.

To address this challenge, Celfocus has developed an operations portal, which provides end-to-end visibility across all OSS processes. It abstracts the underlying architecture, allowing a quick adaptation to any reality, separating integration from business needs and providing valuable insight on OSS operations to both the frontend and back-end staff.

Relying on a strong underlying OSS stack, the Celfocus Operations Portal provides a holistic solution, from network planning to customer support.

Going back to the initial story, in Portugal we are big sport fans in general and, when the subject is football (soccer), particularly the national team, we all immediately turn to coaches, with a very strong opinion about how the team should be managed and why Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t scoring more goals.

The truth is that no CSP can promise that problems will never occur. The difference relays on those that are prepared and have in place a strategy to mitigate risk and proactive be able to predict when service disruption may occur. Celfocus has the right experience and expertise in place to help CSPs in defining their OSS roadmap and the solutions to have end-to-end visibility across all OSS processes and that is why our client’s customers can always count on an unrivalled TV experience.

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