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Call To Architecture — Jul 2016 by Celfocus

The Order Management and Integration team plays an important role in CELFOCUS projects. What they are doing? How they are doing it? Where they are doing it? This is their perspective. And we’re sharing it with you.

Building New Cities

CELFOCUS’ involvement in the IoT market has been evolving and recently achieved another milestone by partnering with PTC Thingworx, the leading IoT Platform in the market.

Since then, Celfocus’ OM & Integration (OM&I) team has trained and certified 12 colleagues, and created IoT internships in Oporto to work on this new technology.

The OM&I Team has also started a Proof of Concept project, Green City, using the Thingworx platform.

This solution provides residents of Cascais with a powerful Environment Portal that offers real-time pollution and noise measurements.

Apart from the Portal, this team has developed the very first hardware device prototype at CELFOCUS. The device, AQS, is currently installed at the EBS Cidadela school campus in Cascais. AQS collects noise, temperature, humidity, particles, air pressure, GPS coordinates, and sends this data to the Portal through a Vodafone SIM Card.

VF-TR CBU has Solid Foundations

The next Go Live! for the Vodafone Turkey project is planned for the end of July.

For this phase the OM & Integration (OM&I) team will ensure that the Enterprise Solution (EBU), already delivered, does not register any functional impacts and that the entire post-paid solution (CBU) meets Vodafone’s requirements.

Some actions have been taken, in order to guarantee that the OM&I team, is prepared for this phase:

Team homogeneity: Tibco and OSM teams are working together, with the same tools, for knowledge dissemination;

Knowledge diffusion: seeking to mitigate dependencies;

Promote mobility between support and testing teams: reinforce technical expertise on troubleshooting, gain functional knowledge and increase customer proximity and confidence;

Promote an active participation on the solutions’ design: being more involved with the functional analysis team;

Identify improvements for the Go Live! activities: taking past experiences into consideration and learning from them

Transformation Project for VF–IE

Equinox is a BSS transformation Program for Vodafone Ireland.

This program includes more than 20 vendors, which will transform Vodafone Ireland in several domains: CRM; BILLING; Order Management; Middleware; Unified Front End; Self Care & eShop; Commissions; Mediation & Charging.

Celfocus is responsible for the Unified Front End solution, under Equinox, and for the Self Care & eShop, under the Digital project.

The OM &Integration team will deliver two different plugins for Celfocus Omnichannel:

  • Product Catalogue that will extract and transform the Products and Rules from the Amdocs catalogue and store them in our solution. This plugin also has several interfaces to fulfil Celfocus Omnichannel’s needs for catalogue information;
  • Ordering that will create an order to be used by Celfocus Omnichannel, converting it to the CSM/Amdocs format.

VF – GH CRM is Stable

The Vodafone Ghana CRM project is almost ready to be delivered. The OM&I team is working to conclude the last phases of the project: acceptance and performance.

The project included several changes, agreed during the development and validation phases, considering the functional design documents and tests executed.

After a long process the OM &I team was able to perform the Data Migration Dry Run successfully in the Testing Environment, as well as the Dry Run in the Acceptance Environment.

The project’s delivery is going as expected and the team has received great feedback from the customer.

Talent Landscape for OM&I

The OM&I People team is focused on helping the business unit grow in Lisbon and Oporto. To do so, they have participated in several initiatives to meet and welcome new talent.

In May, along with colleagues from other BUs, the team participated in the Jornadas do Emprego e Engenharia, at ISEP, a job fair focused on fostering the contact between recent graduates and businesses.

As a result, OM&I has welcomed new talents to their Business Unit. These colleagues are currently working in different projects, attending specific training and being mentored by more experienced colleagues.

Our team is growing! If you have friends with experience in EAI or that may be interested in joining our team, let us know!