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There are various definitions for the word Online. At Celfocus, Online has an unique meaning and this is what it represents…

Some enlightening on Online

Who we are?

Online or on-line, on line [on-lahyn, awn-]:

  1. Computer or device connected to a network (such as Internet) and ready to use (or be used by) other computers or devices.
  2. Database, file or webpage available for downloading or reading.
  3. Services such as ticket reservation systems, or capability such as online help, available directly through a computer system or under its direct control. In

These are some of the multiple definitions of “Online”, they don’t really reflect who we are, however this is how it all started.

Online’s presence began as a complement of Celfocus’ core offer, mainly in Vodafone Portugal. At that point in time, a group of 15 people were challenged to start the Online Business Unit.

Celfocus’ Online Business Unit was created five years ago. Nowadays, it counts with 145 talented people, located between Lisbon, Oporto and Dubai offices.

Innovation avalanche

What We Do?

We believe that a strategic vision towards an efficient, rich and appealing online presence is key for every OpCo. The online channel offers opportunities to create multiple touch points with customers and partners, covering the main business functions. In order to implement this strategy we focus on:

  • USABILITY: channels’ design focused on providing the right tools to improve customer experience, resulting in their loyalty and revenue.
  • PROCESS ORIENTED TACTICS: simple processes, abstracting the logic behind the scenes. The channel’s layout must be focused on the user & channel types.
  • DELIVERY: research and delivery framework based on DESIGN THINKING, in order to design tools that are user-centric, instead of operation oriented.
  • MULTIPLE TOUCH POINTS: Online systems had to support the traditional web touch point, but it was also imperative to assure MOBILE support.

The Online Business Unit was initially focused on the UNASSISTED CHANNELS providing:

  1. Help & Support module for Vodafone Group in the AskOnline Program;
  2. Self-care and eShop systems for Safaricom and
  3. Ad-hoc capabilities in My Vodafone for Vodafone PT.

However, given the strong competition and the constant innovation in this market, Online had to continue to reinvent itself, binding unassisted and assisted channels together. In this logic GOWING suite was created. Recently it was revamped and rebranded to Celfocus Omnichannel.

Currently Online has 20 ongoing projects, in 5 different geographies: Portugal, UK, Ireland, Dubai and South Africa.

How to create the perfect storm

How We Do It? (Use Cases)

A Day in the life of Romeo

Episode 1.
Romeo buys a new house

Romeo, recently married, just bought a new house and is searching for the best 3P offer available in the market. He wants to keep his old fixed number but extend the service to internet and TV as well.

After some research, he decides to go to a retail shop in the shopping centre, just before the movie, to subscribe for the service. Ticket number B32 - what a busy day he thinks! – While waiting his turn. Romeo is approached by a staff member from the retail shop – hum, he brings a tablet, maybe another inquiry?! – But no… Romeo is positively surprised to understand that his customer journey is about to start.

Using the tablet, they start to understand the offers available in Romeo’s new address – Yes… fibre, 100Mb, 80 channels, unlimited national calls and he wants to keep his old number. All the questions are now crystal clear, this is it! – The sales representative adds this configuration to Romeo’s basket. He just needs to complete the sales process in the front desk.

It’s his turn - Next please, B32 – The front desk agent resumes Romeo’s basket and completes the process. Since he is a new customer, his personal details must be registered. The installation is scheduled for Thursday morning. The contract is generated – Wow! Paper free! My signature is

digitally captured! – He is almost there. Final payment step. Romeo uses his credit card for the one-off costs. Payment is authorized and the process is submitted.

Romeo is impressed, it was quick and simple, just in time to go to the movies.

What you don’t know is that the system being used in the retail store to support the eligibility, subscription and activation processes as well as the mobile solution, is part of the CELFOCUS Omnichannel solution for retail & call centres.

Episode 2.
Romeo’s father has a new car

Romeo’s father just bought a new car. A new high end BMW with all those new fancy “techy” options.

“Hey, Romeo, would you like to come and see my new car? We can go out for lunch.” – said his father.

Romeo went to his father’s house and when he got in the new car…

“Wow! It has Wi-Fi! Can you give me the password? I can choose the restaurant right here on my tablet.”

“You don’t need that. This car doesn’t only have Wi-Fi! The whole car is connected. I can search for a restaurant on google or trip advisor, here on the console and get directions. I can see online traffic information on the navigation system and the car selects the best route for me, based on all this information. “

Romeo’s father got an initial bundle to use Internet in the car. Did you know that he can access a Self-Care Portal, developed by Celfocus to manage his account and subscriptions? And that BMW staff can access a B2B Portal developed by Celfocus? They can manage all the SIM cards associated to their vehicles, order SIM cards, manage activations and subscriptions.

Vodafone M2M solution is currently considered a market leader. BMW 7 Series was the 1st vehicle to benefit from Vodafone’s Internet in the Car Project. More brands/models are about to follow.

Episode 3.
Romeo buys a new cell phone

Romeo receives an SMS regarding a campaign that allows him to add mobile communications to the 3P Service he has at home.

Using the link, he accesses the website and clarifies all his questions. The campaign also allows him to buy a new mobile phone and have 20% of that value on credit at the video club.

At night, with friends, he chose the new mobile phone on the online store by selecting several phones, comparing them and asking his friends for feedback. During the online purchase he requested the phone to be delivered in the store, near his workplace using the Click & Collect feature, so he can pick up the mobile on the next day as well as the new SIM card.

When he comes to the store he finds some mobile phones that are on display, interesting and, using the available tablet, he starts exploring the entire offer. One of the cell phones caught his eye, it was for Juliet. He adds it to his wish list.

Once he receives the mobile phone and the SIM card, he uses the self-care to activate Roaming and purchase add-on data. After all, it can be useful on his next trip.

Did you know we deliver eCommerce solutions, which, in combination with CELFOCUS Omnichannel enables our customers to deliver a fully integrated, consistent and delightful experience across the assisted and unassisted channels?

One of our last achievements for Vodafone Portugal was Product Selector (part of Celfocus Omnichannel product) that provides a better experience when browsing, comparing and choosing a phone at a retail store.

Episode 4.
Romeo travels to Dubai

Romeu goes to Dubai on Holidays with some friends. On his arrival, still at the airport, he was approached by a marketer that explained he could avoid roaming charges using a pre-paid Tourist SIM.

Wondering what was required, he was explained that it can be done on the spot completely paperless.

The Customer Registration process starts with a passport scan, using the tablet to read the RMZ, all Romeu’s details are automatically filled into the subscription form. The Entry Visa is also captured by photo and automatically checked in real time by the Dubai’s Central Authority.

Using the tablet all terms and conditions are explained, the contract is signed digitally and the SIM card is activated and ready to use.

Romeu was very impressed with the overall process, he knew that Dubai was sophisticated, but this simple process is mind-blowing!

Did you know this process was implemented by Celfocus, leveraging on CELFOCUS Omnichannel product? It also complies with high security requirements from EIDA Emirates Identity Authority, such as real time authorization requests and the customer data is automatically filled in with no manual interaction to avoid data tampering.

Episode 5.
Romeo lost his cell phone

Romeo has two mobile phones - One for professional purposes, and a second one for his personal usage. On Tuesday evening, when he was preparing for dinner with a client, he noticed that his professional phone was missing. After looking everywhere, he realizes that the phone was lost.

Romeo started panicking, as he knew that all his important business contacts were lost. After 10 stressful minutes Romeo decided, at least, to protect his professional contacts and block the lost equipment.

To do that, Romeo used the browser on his personal phone to get his operator’s Help & Support number. He navigates on the Help & Support platform and required information on the topic “Lost my phone”. [Did you know that the Help & Support section was implemented by Celfocus?]

Due to the implementation of this feature on his operator’s site, Romeo instantly got all the information he needed to block his phone. Using a direct link on the support website, he was able to call the help line and in a matter of moments his device was blocked.

[Did you know that this fast tool, also implemented by Celfocus, is a unified frontend tool, for retail and contact centre channels, that covers 93% of the CRM touchpoints of the referred Telco?]

In spite of being upset for losing his professional phone, Romeo felt relieved for knowing that his phone could not be used by the wrong hands. This was only possible due to the simplicity of the support process and the effectiveness of the support tools, Powered by CELFOCUS!

Episodes sponsored in partnership with Celfocus Omnichannel Product Development

Meteorology alert!

Did you know?

In 2016:

  • The Online Business Unit faced a great challenge: the BU split in 2: Product BU and Online;
  • A new HoD was nominated: Diogo Caldeira Pinto;
  • Our team grew 36% during the year;
  • The first product licenses were sold for Vodafone Ireland Equinox program, where CELFOCUS Omnichannel is being implemented;
  • CELFOCUS Omnichannel for Partners was deployed in Live @ VFPT.

Sunny forecast for 2017

Diogo’s Vision for the next year

2016 was challenging considering project delivery, team motivation and the change in the Business Unit’s (BU) leadership. It was also a good year in terms of results both the Business Unit and Celfocus.

Our aim for 2017 is to continue the good work on ongoing projects, increase business in the present locations and to have at least one project in a new customer.

2017 has just started and we are keen on the new pipeline & new opportunities. Part of that pipeline comes from customer reference, therefore having “zero” problems while delivering current projects is mandatory. The development of strong second lines and the increase of solid management, technical and functional teams, are strategies that will help us face the most demanding challenges.

We must become more rigorous, not only with ourselves and the projects we deliver, but also with our internal and external stakeholders. Become more innovative and creative, but solid in our technical procedures. Embrace trendy delivery methodologies (such as Agile), new technologies and effective market approaches. Exceed our own expectations, while becoming more mature as a team.

Our teams drive our success. All of our accomplishments would not have been possible without dedicated people that bring their best to work every single day. We know we have an amazing team and that together we will continue achieving new levels of professional excellence.

Be proud.

A hulking and intimidating yet misunderstood man is the metaphor at the heart of Nordpol Hamburg's short film promoting the wind energy division of German company Epuron.