What fast food taught me

Order Management to Deliver Diversity

Call To Food — Sep 2016 by CELFOUS

Although fast food and order management come from completely different universes, at a closer look, there’s more than meets the eye.

The formula that led fast food to global stardom was the fact that whatever you eat at McDonalds in Lisbon, will be exactly the same in Rome or South Africa. To accomplish this level of standardization, the fast food industry developed best practices, processes and technology to ensure food is prepared the same way everywhere.

When we see a Burger King ad on TV, it looks exciting; chefs are excited about the meal they’ve prepared, and waiters proud of their jobs. Unfortunately, all this glamour doesn’t reflect the real restaurant experience. A fast food assembly line is boring, as it should be! It’s about repetition, consistency and zero fault and errors.

This is where CELFOCUS Order Management and fast food meet.

CELFOCUS Order Management is the assembly line of the Telco world, focused on assuring requests are correctly processed and provisioned on all the systems required.

CELFOCUS Order Management is the master orchestrator that maps, sequences and fulfills any external or internal customer request. It has the ability to map business oriented complex processes, break them into specific technical processes that are thereafter ready for automation and system synchronization. This orchestration allows any operator to quickly access information, on any given step of the fulfillment order previously initiated.

CELFOCUS Order Management provides a seamless division between business and technical layers, and it is also able to differentiate system requests not only by product, but also by any parameter in that request.

The solution is driven by every orderable item, regardless of its nature, including address changing processes, SIM swaps, account changes, among many other actions. The power of the product, allows CSPs to automatically interpret unstructured orders and turn them into meaningful actions in backend systems.

When a specific error pattern occurs CELFOCUS Order Management recovers and proceeds. It uses SLA monitoring and self-healing mechanisms to prevent the issues that impact the customer experience.

With the use of CELFOCUS Order Management the launch of new commercial products will not impact the business flow because the process distribution adjusts dynamically to preexisting flows, resulting in a better time-to-market response.

Some of the most common benefits offered by CELFOCUS Order Management include:

  • Faster order design & implementation, transforming any request into a meaningful set of actions
  • Development and maintenance friendly: No coding required for any type of changes. All changes performed at the GUI level
  • Improved time-to-market with no configurations for most new products.
  • No configuration downtime required due to its code-free nature
  • Increased order tracking and visibility with a 360º view on sequences of actions.
  • Fast and proactive recovery through a self-healing mechanism
  • Simplified channel catalogue featuring orderable products only, with no dependencies between systems.
  • Reduced operational costs due to integrated management of manual activities, including assignment and SLA monitoring.

Taking advantage of the fast-food chain's new customisable 'Create Your Taste' ordering kiosks

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