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Call To Travel — May 2018

It’s all about shortening distances and doing everything in our power to eliminating the geographic factor from the equation.

How do we manage that? Why do our customers trust us?

The communication enablers and facilitators that we have clearly facilitate the way we interact with customers to solve a problem, but, is that enough? Do these enablers allow us to feel our stakeholder’s heartbeat? The answer is yes, but only when there is a problem and our customer needs help.

But what about every other day?

That is why the Relationship is a must when we are delivering this type of continuous services. A service that is supported by the technical competence and reliability that the customer sees in us, but all sustained on a solid relationship with Trust and Transparency.

Transparency is in our genes and it is the foundation for the growth of Managed Services at Celfocus, when we were still struggling with the best recipe to overcome the remote service challenge. In fact, we prefer the term near shore instead (this subtle and perhaps merely semantic detail, makes all the difference in our client’s minds).

This mindset allowed us to build solid relationships with our customers, that grow year after year, regardless of the structure that is providing the service at any given moment and that just proves that it is a matter of mindset, than just following processes.

Availability is the other corner stone in which we lay our strategy in order to mitigate the geographic factor in our delivery.

It’s not just the contractual obligations that we must fulfil. We must make sure we are always available for our customers when they require our help and assistant.

The nature of our deliverable is service. Not just service, a quality service.

Our customers come to us for support. We are the ones they rely on to keep the service up and running, and when that’s not possible, we are the ones they rely on to restore the service to its optimal condition.

Knowing that we are always here for the client, we manage to be considered more than just a provider. We are considered a partner and the exlibris of our relationship is achieved when we are considered as an extension of the client’s team.

These two factors (Transparency and Availability) mitigate the distance variable effectively.

But this alone isn’t enough, we have to take every available opportunity to further mitigate that.

That’s why we adopt a near shore delivery approach. To be with our customers, either at their sites or even in our offices, which has proven to be even more effective in terms of relationship building.

Being physically present in the right moments (good or more difficult ones)

Realistically, the remote service model isn’t a model, at least in the way we want to deliver it, the Celfocus Managed Services’ way.

We invest heavily in the relationship factor and it all starts with the onboarding of new colleagues, with training sessions aimed at communications and customer handling.

With these sessions, we deliver the theoretical aspects of communication so that new and existing resources (people) can improve their care and handling skills according to what we believe our clients most value: Transparency and Availability.

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