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Call To Experiences — Apr 2024

About the client/ project:

Vodafone Ireland has achieved a significant milestone with the successful deployment of the Celfocus BSP (Business Service Platform) on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The project, which took place in 2023, replaced the Service Navigator and Back Office application supporting Vodafone’s B2B services with a modern, cloud-native solution while also bringing a better experience for its users.

What & how did we deliver?

The project's main drivers were a migration to cloud, with AWS as the selected cloud provider, leveraging the cloud-native services to ensure availability, resilience, scalability requirements, and gaining access to future BSP roadmap updates. The move enabled Vodafone Ireland to enhance their business capabilities, with a robust application that now harnesses the benefits of the cloud, and aligned with modern digital architecture, containerised and microservices-oriented.

What was the added value for the client?

This milestone reinforces Vodafone Ireland's move to cloud strategy aligned with the dedication to innovation, agility, cost-efficiency, customer focus, security, and enhanced B2B solutions, with a comprehensive and holistic approach to the implementation of the Celfocus BSP, enabling Vodafone to continue delivering best-of-breed services and supporting customers with the best experience as they expect.

Celfocus’ BSP enables the implementation of new digital experiences for customers, and the unification of interactions for internal teams, by overlaying telco’s core business and operations systems. From sales through fulfilment to assurance and support, BSP provides a framework for implementation of engaging and efficient digital processes. With an extensible cloud architecture, BSP provides a mature set of business features built and evolved for Telco’s B2B, structurally supporting standardized and custom enterprise customer solutions.

What was the added value for Celfocus?

This project reinforces Celfocus as a high-tech system integrator, committed to innovation, security, and enhanced B2B solutions, positioning them as a trusted partner in providing professional services. By exploring synergies between Celfocus products and integrating all the B2B features from BOP/Service Navigator into a cloud-native solution, BSP framework will help accelerate our solutions for B2B2X.

Who's the team?

A huge thanks to Celfocus’ BSP and VFIE project teams for all the hard work, extended to Omnichannel, ODI, Client engagement, Market, and Contract Management, who enabled this success.



Now that we have successfully migrated VFIE from the legacy BOP/Service Navigator, we've also started in VodafoneZiggo, planned to be completed in 2024. BSP is enabling VFIE to comply with modern-day security best practices and standards.