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Call To Intent — Feb 2024

MOST 5G MPN Solutions

About the project:

Over the past months, MOST team has diligently worked on developing 5G SA Node Integration for Vodafone MPN solutions. We are thrilled to announce that 5G MPN is officially live. This accomplishment marks a significant milestone, not only for Celfocus but also for Vodafone's private networks business.


What & how did we deliver?

The primary objective of this implementation is to empower Vodafone Germany with an automated Framework that generates node integration scripts by leveraging existing Vodafone Germany input data processing procedures. MOST Framework validates and processes all gathered input data, supplementing it with baseline information (parameter default/OpCo values, parameter rules and dependencies, etc.). Consequently, MOST produces tailored outputs in the form of scripts to commission and integrate a new 5G SA MPN Node, enabling Vodafone to configure new 5G Standalone (SA) Nodes within Vodafone Germany MPNs.


What was the added value for the client?

The increasing demand for dedicated radio coverage, essential for ensuring reliable performance and capacity namely for mission-critical processes, is propelling the adoption of new 5G MPN solutions across various industries. Sectors such as manufacturing, energy, healthcare, and transport exemplify the pressing need for digital transformation through the implementation of 5G MPN solutions. Leveraging the advanced wireless networking capabilities of Private 5G, including high bandwidth, low latency, greater spectrum availability, guaranteed quality of service, enhanced security, reliability, and scalability, enables the deployment of business-oriented applications across a wide array of use cases. Thus, a 5G MPN SA network facilitates higher capacity, massive machine-type communications, and Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communications, addressing both current and emerging market needs.


What was the added value for Celfocus?

This Delivery, in our perspective, is key for the future to come since in one step we are proving our right to play in the German Market, the 5G RAN Configuration space, and in the MPN world.


Who's the team?

This achievement was only possible due to the remarkable and resilient team that was responsible for this delivery success. Despite encountering obstacles along the way, our collaborative effort and engagement including the client, enabled us to overcome challenges and succeed. To the team currently engaged in closing the project and to those who contributed positively to this huge achievement.




Continue to focus on spreading RAN automation within the German market, while also aiding Vodafone in streamlining its MPN business offer. Extend our 5G offer to additional markets beyond Germany, leveraging the German market as a proven blueprint for successful implementation.

German market presents opportunities to explore additional avenues, such as Network Slicing on 5G SA and Open RAN initiatives.