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Call To Numbers — Oct 2016 by CELFOCUS

Better customer experience, better service equals happier customers. This is Celfocus' Customer Services team main focus, this month they're telling us A thing. Or Two. Perhaps More.

Customer Services

#1 – VF-GH CRM Transformation project

Customer Service has concluded one more project: Vodafone Ghana CRM Transformation Phase 2.

16-09 was the day this achievement took place, with the formal closure of the Project after the Stabilization phase.

To continue the successful partnership with Vodafone Ghana, Celfocus recently submitted a proposal to deliver additional business requirements (Release 2.2) that were gathered during the project.

#2 – A new start at du

Celfocus’ business units; Customer Services, OM & Integration and Online just started a new project in du – the uCBS project.

During this project, we will be working directly with Huawei to support the side-effects of a new Convergent Billing system in du.

Our technological focus will be on the Order Management flows, the new integration points for CBS, DSP Change Management, and Siebel.

Considering the effort this project requires, the delivery will be split in two phases and will have a duration of approximately 19 months.

#3 – Medallia for Enterprise

The Customer Services team is working on a new project Medallia for Enterprise. Its delivery is scheduled for December ’16, and will extend the current Medallia solution, already in use for consumer customers.

This solution aims to retrieve customer’s feedback on recent interactions with Vodafone.

This Phase will focus on Vodafone’s processes/services and the relationship with enterprise customers.

Celfocus is responsible for the design and implementation of customer data extraction and submission to Medallia’s platform.

This is a Vodafone group initiative, which is also being implemented in Germany, South Africa and Albania.


The Equinox-EBU programme at Vodafone Ireland aims to change the operator’s entire OSS & BSS stack systems.

Celfocus and Amdocs are working together, on a design for the implementation of the enterprise consumer solution. This will impact 6 different domains: Sell, Build, Run, Billing, Migration and Cross-domain.

Celfocus will be responsible for the management of the Design phase (Celfocus and Amdocs domains).

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