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Celfocus All Management Event

Call To Colours — Dec 2016 by CELFOCUS

Celfocus’ ever-growing dimension requires the business as a whole to communicate, speak out, and share more with its people.

Information is many times centred within small groups of people, making it difficult for all to know what’s going on. To open and share information and ideas with a wider group, we are speaking out in a way that all can hear.

To do so, Celfocus will host three management events per year. These events are a moment to communicate, with a large group of people, Celfocus’ drive and intentions, giving them direction for what lies ahead.

The first Celfocus All Management Event took place on November 24th at Montes Claros, Monsanto. During this event the following topics were shared:

José Miguel Barros – Introduction

All Management Events will take place three times a year. These events are moment for all of Celfocus’ management level to share important and recent industry and organization matters.

Paulo Trigo – Celfocus Strategy 2017

This was an opportunity to look back at 2016 and outline some of the moments where we succeeded and identify what may improve. Looking at 2017 as a year of change in our organization and ambition to conquer new markets and customers.

Nuno Periquito – Storytelling: Creating Meaningful Narratives

Over the past eight months, Celfocus has created narratives that help explain our products and offers. Nuno Periquito is the person responsible for these narratives, and at this event he showed us the creative process behind creating impacting narratives.

José Diogo Sequeira – Product Development – From Assets to Products

CELFOCUS Order Management and CELFOCUS Omnichannel are our most recent products. They currently out on the market, however, they are constantly being enhanced by the product team. On this day, José Sequeira presented their roadmap for the upcoming year.

Jorge Rodrigues – IT Transformation: Is there another way?

Having always performed regular bottom-up IT transformations, Jorge Rodrigues believes there is another way of doing projects. Top-down IT transformation, using virtualization will reduce IT complexity and ultimately give the business power.

Augusto Silva – Future of TV

The future of Digital TV is a world beyond our imagination. Celfocus’ DTV team shows us how contents can be consumed and protected to comply with requirements, and which features will be “mandatory”, while focusing on the experience.

The Experience they believe should be all about what you can watch, when you can watch it, and where!

Paulo Trigo – Get a Life

Doing more and having a life outside working hours is something Celfocus’ CEO highlights as extremely important for all. In this slot, he shared a few of his favourite books, films and TV series.

Take a look at a few photos from this day, here.