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Call To Food — Sep 2016 by CELFOCUS

Celfocus' Enterpise Performance Management team solves our clients' Billing, Commissions and Business Intelligence difficulties. This month, they're giving us a taste of their work.

Gourmet Customer Experience

My Vodafone is a free mobile App used by customers to perform several different operations: manage their account, retrieve information on their data plan, view data consumption or change tariffs. This digital channel now allows customers to execute tasks that previously required a call to the call centre or a trip to a Vodafone Store.

Regardless of how simple these operations may seem for the end user, it usually requires a complex downstream of interactions between BSS, and sometimes OSS systems. For Vodafone Portugal it was important to understand its performance, “Why does it take X seconds to perform Y user requests?” or “Which systems have more impact on each user operations?”

To understand the effectiveness of this application, Vodafone Portugal uses a monitoring tool called Splunk. In July, Celfocus successfully delivered the Splunk App, based on Vodafone’s already existing tool. This application correlates user interactions and the different back office systems, and then presents the results with simple and visual infographics (e.g. Gant charts) that easily describe what is happening, from a specific customer interaction, to a more aggregated view of the systems.

This solution helps Vodafone spot the most relevant system bottle necks, improve them and monitor the results, therefore optimizing the customer experience while using My Vodafone App.

We can digest more

Telecommunication providers collect considerable amounts of data for operational, billing and/or legal purposes, on a daily basis.

Most of this data is handled in standard ways to extract the required information. However, that same data holds information that has yet to be considered or valued. This type of information is extremely valuable, with the potential to generate knowledge, awareness and efficiency for operators and customers.

In the M2M/IoT industry, the concept of location intelligence is an important asset for any company. That information combined with location insight is an improvement for business efficiency.

Celfocus has created an internship, in collaboration with ISEP (Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto), with the goal of retrieving credible and valuable geographic information, using a location intelligence tool called Carto. Carto is a viable tool used to visualize usage data, study geographic events, and identify possible improvements for future business opportunities.

Although currently focused on the M2M market, this tool may in the future be suitable for Mobile, Fixed communications, Wi-Fi or satellite markets.

Feeding the chain

CallidusCloud is the leading provider of on-demand Sales Performance Management (SPM) solutions for global companies across a broad range of industries.

Their software allows innovative enterprises of all sizes to strategically manage incentive compensation, set quota targets, administer producers and align territories, resulting in improved sales and distribution performance. Over 1.8 million salespeople, brokers, and channel representatives have their sales performance managed by CallidusCloud's products.

Celfocus is a proud partner of CallidusCloud since 2006. Over the years we have developed premises and cloud solutions using this software.

Celfocus is currently working on a Callidus Software solution integrated in the Equinox program for Vodafone Ireland and Vodafone Global Enterprises.

The Irish try a new recipe

Over a year ago Celfocus was chosen by Vodafone Ireland to be the provider of the new commissions system.

The first phase of the project, which contemplates the Consumer segment is being deployed for third party testing and will go live in November.

This September, a new phase will also start for the Enterprise segment and Celfocus will be responsible for this implementation.