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Celfocus' role in the Internet of Things 

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly changing the world around us, from the way we grow our food, to how we make purchases or even how we get energy to our homes.

Making Things Connected

CELFOCUS plays its role in the connected world evolution

The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly changing the world around us, from the way we grow our food, to how we make purchases or even how we get energy to our homes. This is possible through refined sensors and chips embedded in our everyday “Things”, transmitting valuable data over the Internet. On the other hand, being able to actuate remotely on such “Things” promotes an enhanced experience and improved efficiency on everyday tasks.

One of Celfocus’ goal is to develop products for the IoT market by using the Thingworx development platform. This platform enables pioneer developers to rapidly grow and deploy smart solutions using Thingworx UI building capabilities and connectivity protocols.

The global revolution of the IoT realm is creating new technological trends, from Smart Cities, to Smart Homes and even Smart Wear concepts.

Celfocus has created a number of solutions to exploit market capabilities and opportunities using the Thingworx platform functionalities. Taking part in the Smart Cities concept, these solutions gather and publish quality key performance indicators (KPIs), providing real-time and georeferenced information, alerts, notification management to decision makers, transforming raw data into business relevant data.

Thingworx IoT solutions are available for demonstration on Celfocus’ Smart World Portal, created to manage multiple M2M/IoT verticals (Illustrated in Figure 1) in a single place, a single front-door shop. This platform enables customers to have a unique perspective of the entire IoT solutions through interactive dashboards. The single sign-on mechanism and unified views in Smart World Portal greatly improves user experience and simplifies customer access to all IoT applications, as well as present new services that become available for subscription.


Green City

Developed in partnership with the City of Cascais, this solution gathers and publishes Quality KPIs, providing real-time and geo-referenced information.

E2E solution was fully developed in Thingworx and includes a Portal (with public and private pages), an IoT Server, a device communication agent and a prototype device with air quality sensors. There is also a branded version for Nairobi, Safaricom’s HQ!

Figure 2. SMART WORLD – Green City

Gas Metering

Working closely with VF-PT and a gas company, Celfocus is developing a solution to handle information from several gas sensors in Portugal using Thingworx technology. Developing data analytics, reports, predictive and forecasts information, as well as introducing extensible dashboards allowing aggregated information and handle alerts.

In this solution, consumption can be viewed on a map split per area and correlate it with past consumptions or network monitored consumptions, allowing detection of leakages or better source planning, optimizing stocks.

Figure 3. SMART WORLD – Gas Meetering

Wear a T-Shirt

Going a step forward into the Smart Wear and the wearables approach, Wear-a-Tshirt is a consumer solution, based on ECG T-shirts that offers customers the ability to perform workouts while gathering medical information in real-time. This permits an automatic detection of heart problems with immediate notification of athletes or their doctor. The concept can also be extended to remotely monitor heart conditions reducing the patients’ permanence period at hospitals, as well as introducing gamification concepts to make users healthier.

Figure 4. SMART WORLD – Wear a T-Shirt


IoT is a developing concept, growing exponentially every year. Celfocus aims to help CSPs discover new forms and ways to help revolutionize the connected world and make everyday life a bigger and better experience, while monetizing network infrastructure and creating new revenue streams.

Celfocus plays an important role as an expertise and skilled system integrator, by smoothing the smart world evolution within CSPs.

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