Shooting for the stars

How Romeo became a household name at Celfocus

Call To Film — Sep 2018 by Nuno Periquito

Every film needs a main character, a hero that saves the day. At Celfocus, Romeo is that hero, although he won’t take the title.

Romeo is for Celfocus what Ethan Hunt is for Mission Impossible. An action figure but also a caring human being that goes on the most daring journeys to fight evil and restore peace.

Romeo is the hero that shows the world what a true omnichannel experience should be with CELFOCUS Omnichannel or how CSPs, across the globe, are embarking on a digital transformation journeys and how Celfocus can support their efforts, with a customer centric architecture approach.

When you think of how CSPs provide enterprises with turnkey communication solutions, the intrepid Romeo comes to the rescue as the CEO of Same Day Deliveries, and demo Celfocus OneNet, an innovative voice solution that fully integrates landlines, mobiles and software-based phones together, providing its users with a truly seamless experience across all devices, becoming, every company’s mobile office.

More than just a film star, Romeo has also jumped into television and continued his stream of adventures, this time delivering today, the TV experience of the future with Celfocus Digital TV offer. In it, Romeo and his lovely wife Julia showcase how CPSs can leverage Digital TV to deliver an unmatched customer experience.

While we are hard at developing the next action-packed film featuring Romeo, visit us and experience how Celfocus is helping CSPs embrace the digital revolution and providing unique and value-added experiences.

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