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(BIG) DATA – The iceberg

The visible part may capture our attention, yet often, the hidden portion holds greater significance and influence than what meets the eye. Resurrecting the analogy between Big Data and an iceberg sheds light on the obscured complexities and vast potential that exist beneath the surface.

Big Data refers to extremely large and complex datasets that are beyond the capacity of traditional data processing tools and methods to handle effectively. They can be defined by their size, variety, velocity, and the challenges they pose for storage, processing, and analysis.

Still using the Iceberg analogy, only a small portion is visible above the water's surface, while the majority remains hidden beneath. Similarly, in Big Data, the data that is easily accessible and manageable (structured data) represents the visible part, while the vast, unstructured, and complex data (semi-structured and unstructured data) lies beneath, often requiring advanced techniques for extraction and analysis.


From the Enterprise Perspective

The assertion that "Big Data is the future" underscores the pivotal role of data in shaping the landscape of modern business. Big Data denotes vast and intricate datasets that require advanced approaches for collection, processing, and analysis. Several compelling factors reinforce the notion that Big Data will continue to exert a profound influence on enterprises.

Both icebergs and Big Data present significant challenges. Icebergs pose risks to navigation, requiring careful handling and monitoring. Big Data poses challenges related to data storage, processing, and analysis, as well as issues like data privacy and security.

Icebergs can have a significant impact on their surroundings, including potential hazards to ships and ecosystems. Big Data can have a profound impact on businesses and industries, enabling insights, innovation, and data-driven decision-making.

The reliance on data-driven decision-making is expected to intensify. As organizations accumulate even larger volumes of data, they will invest more in analytics and machine learning to extract actionable insights. This will lead to more informed and precise decision-making processes across industries.


Sure! Data (Big or not) is the Future

All the Data is poised to play a central role in shaping the future of technology, business, and society, illuminating pathways to deeper insights, enhanced operational efficiency, and fresh avenues for innovation. However, it doesn't come without its set of challenges, particularly in the realms of data privacy, security, and ethical considerations. As Data Platforms ecosystem continues to evolve as a prominent trend in the years to come, navigating these issues responsibly will be essential.


How can Celfocus Training help

NewLearningOpportunities_Big Data.jpgContinuous learning and adaptation are essential for staying competitive and maximizing the value of data in the organizations.

A well-defined and comprehensive Big Data training strategy lays out what is needed to become more data-driven organizations. It should incorporate learning contents to help accomplish the data-driven vision and direct the organizations to specific business goals for Big Data applications.

Celfocus training offers learning opportunities with introductory videos to help you and your team to learn Big Data fundamentals and raise Big Data awareness throughout the organization. Furthermore, intermediate and advanced technical training and certification are available for teams that use Big Data, to support them to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to keep up with the latest developments in the industry.

Meet_the_Trainner-template_ Diogo Bobone.jpgWe will continue to launch big data learning paths aligned with career paths and leverage big data skills through the big data learning journey. To learn more about the Big Data training offer, please explore our catalogue here or contact us at

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  • Holiday Season 2023 - Dinner in Porto
    On November 30th we celebrated the holiday season with a dinner and party in Porto. It was a great moment to enjoy food and music with our teams. See the recap on our Instagram and the photos here.


  • Global Townhall | December 5th
    We held the second Global Townhall of 2023, a session for all where Celfocus’ leadership team showcased the collaborative efforts across key strategic areas. This edition was focused on people initiatives, workforce planning, marketing, and essential metrics. If you didn’t have the chance to attend the event, you can watch it here.


  • Novabase Group Holiday Celebration’23
    On December 13th, we gathered in Lisbon to celebrate the holiday season and the exciting year ahead! Holidays are all about celebrating what brings us together, and this was a night to remember! We invite you to visit our Instagram to see more. 

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  • Celfocus Awards’23
    The 4th Edition of our Celfocus Awards initiative is happening in January! Once again, let’s celebrate and recognise our people and value the dedication, skill, and hard work they place into their work every single day.

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