Say thank you

Making recognition a habit takes minimum effort

Call To Recognition — Sep 2021 by Maria Margalha

Saying thank you, by acknowledging and recognizing a job well done, has a huge power in building high performing teams, where people feel appreciated and valued. 

The power of saying "Thank You"


In our daily lives, when we thank someone for holding a door, we are appreciating someone else’s action in our own benefit. And i tis powerful!

As organisations, we sometimes tend to forget the tremendous meaning that such small gestures can have. Saying “thank you” has a huge impact on teams, where people feel appreciated and valued. 

Here are some things I’ve learned from recognizing others. 


Understanding what recognition means to others by understanding what it means to me.

Recently I had to perform a public test to finish my certification as a coach. I had little time for preparation, was stressed and not confident about the results.  

When I finished, to my surprise, the feedback was overwhelming - which instantly made me feel more confident, valued, and motivated. I could not stop smiling for a while, incited to transmit this feeling to someone else. 

I understood how a spontaneous “well done” had on me. And when I recognize others’, I am aware of what they are doing, listening to and understanding them, making them feel relevant. This is huge (and a pleasure)!


No matter where, how and when: it is important to make it happen

Recognition can take many forms, making it very accessible: a text message, a call, an e-mail or a conversation are good examples of how to reach others and say something positive about their work. 

In my case, I value feedback that happens in face-to-face situations; but something written is also very powerful. 

Believe me! Acknowleding someone’s work in context and just-in-time is something astonishing for most people. It keeps people more prepared to receive and give feedback in a spontaneous way!


Virtual doesn’t mean distant 

Within the new hybrid working model (where we many times share a virtual workspace) our social media skills can come in handy. Sending a “thumbs-up”, smile emojis, say thanks or sending a small appreciation text, take little time and the value resulting from that action is huge.

In many cases, it’s possible to use our internal channels to acknowledge someone’s work, simply by liking a post or leaving a comment about a team achievement. In the end, participants feel their accomplishments highly recognized by others. 

Making this a habit can transform how anyone can inspire others and reveal the great talent we have across the organisation.


Evolution triggered by positiveness and sincerity.

Receiving feedback made a big difference in my case, by being aware of how others' opinions can influence my progress - starting by encouraging me with a "thank you" or a "well done".

I now feel better prepared to understand how feedback (positive or less positive) is one of the most desirable instruments to be part of a high-performance team!