Recognising you

Celfocus Awards 2022

Call To Value — Nov 2022

It’s time for the third edition of Celfocus Awards.   
Use the form to nominate colleagues whose expertise, professionalism and team spirit are shown day in and day out. 

Celfocus Awards timeline
  • Phase 1: Nominations 
    • This phase will last until November 23rd  
    • Please do not nominate yourself 
    • Provide a brief explanation of why you are nominating your colleage
    • Use this link 
  • Phase 2: Voting 
    • This phase will last between November 24th - December 12th.  
    • Voting on a shortlist of eligible nominations*. 
  • Phase 3: Results 
    • On December 15th, we will share the winners of the 3rd edition of Celfocus Awards.
Celfocus Awards Rules
  • Winners of the last edition of Celfocus Awards will not proceed to the shortlist phase as a way to diversify this initiative.
  • The voting phase includes a shortlist of eligible nominees. Eligible nominations are considered those who reflect the nominee's skills, experience and actual activities in the selected category.
  • The shortlist considers the 3 most voted eligible nominees. In the event of a draw, nominees with the same number of votes are included.