Planting seeds

A day in the life of... SIG Project

Call To Nature — Apr 2019 by Magda Amorim

Our colleague Magda Amorim (Agile & DevOps team) spent time with the SIG project to find out what happens behind the scenes.

SIG stands for System Integration Gateway, an offer that started its journey in April 2017. A journey that started and was possible due to a joint collaboration between Vodafone GNED and Celfocus’ SIG Team.

Who is part of the team?

The SIG Team has different domains: Product, Framework and Essays, which could actually be different teams, considering the different contracts and scope. However, they considered themselves as ONE team.

At the end of 2018, with the help of the Agile & DevOps team, the SIG team underwent a Bootstrap to collectively build and lay the ground for an agile work methodology. In order to do so, the team defined a vision for the offer, which they later presented to the clients and a mission they share as team.

The vision:

SIG is an offering based on the iPaaS model that facilitates and accelerates the exposure of network assets to digital channels by leveraging cooperation between OPCOS and evolving according to their reality.

The mission:

To develop an offer of products and services of integration, with quality and professionalism, based on the spirit of collaboration, commitment and alignment of the vision between the team and the client.

The moment I arrived at their workspace in Lisbon, the collaboration between all team members was evident, they were interacting in pairs debating product solution topics. The team is entirely based in Lisbon, thus permitting close communication with the Product Owner (Tiago Lobão from Vodafone).

Below, we can find the design of the collaboration model between Celfocus SIG Team and Vodafone

Last December, the SIG Team defined 4 visible values, which are believes that can guide their behaviours as a team.

Dedication & Commitment, because they can imagine a more stressful moment during the development that they will need to overcome as a team in which commitment and dedication are key.

Teamwork, because they don’t want to work with people that point fingers when something goes wrong. They want collaboration, even when something goes wrong for them the key is to understand what happened and take responsibility as a team.

Focus on work, because they don’t want to lose concentration when completing a task. That value commits directly for the last one.

Respect each other’s work, because they want people who collaborate and interact with a purpose and not someone who changes code without sharing ideas and motives.

António Ferreiro, Rafael Mendonça, Carlos Marques, Tiago Lobão, Pedro Cruzeiro.

I also participated in the team design session, where they refined the product backlog. During this session, the team choose candidate stories for the next sprints and anticipated dependencies and researched in order to turn a topic into something that was ready for development.

This session occurs on a weekly basis, and even the most recent team member was able to easily understand the major topics that the team will be working on during the upcoming weeks.

During this team ceremony it was clear that the team works well together and has a great relationship, they actively discussed the “what”, the “why” and the “how” for the functionalities and they also suggested changes to previous developments.

The SIG TEAM is a team that focuses on the team’s continuous improvement and the offer they provide to Vodafone GNED.

António Ferreiro, João Martinho, José Gonçalves, Pedro Raminhos, Pedro Cruzeiro, Rafael Mendonça.