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How CELFOCUS Omnichannel is Reinventing Relationships

Call To Numbers — Oct 2016 by Nuno Periquito

Customers shouldn’t be defined by their ID or number, but as an individual person.

Some years ago the concept of mass customization emerged and became the new soundbite and business jargon. It promised to solve one of the biggest challenges companies face; how to deliver personalized products/services, taking advantage of economies of scale.

Although we can all appreciate the virtue of the principle, implementing it in large scale, poses a set of critical challenges.

C-Levels are focused on managing companies through KPIs, which gives them a perspective of how the business is evolving, more than if a particular customer had a great experience or not. Knowing the NPS’s evolution, how first call resolution is increasing or churn trends provides a fair overall perspective, but it isn’t enough.

33% of new customers coming back for repeated purchases gives us little information about their individual motivations or why. We try to frame them all in boxes, creating market segments, which we truly believe have the same needs.

Numbers are an easy way to get past the faces of customers and forget that, at the end of the day, they are not defined by their ID or customer number, but as people.

At Celfocus we are very attentive to the customer experience and CELFOCUS Omnichannel embodies that concern by placing the customer at the centre of the engagement process with CSPs.

How CELFOCUS Omnichannel does it?

The customer experience shouldn’t be based on imposing customers a specific touchpoint.

When John wants to change his tariff plan, he should be able to choose whatever channel he prefers and, if in the process, he needs help from a contact centre agent, the process should be transferred seamlessly, without interruptions or forcing John to repeat everything, all over again.

Relationships like conversations are about continuity, without the need to reset every time a new intervenient is added.

CELFOCUS Omnichannel helps John conclude the process from the moment he starts, either on the phone, store or contact centre until the very end. Its approach is customer centric, focusing on the process instead of the channel.

Because the CSPs’ ecosystem is very diverse, the norm, more than the exception, is to have channels from different providers integrated to work together but often with some limitations.

Although CELFOCUS Omnichannel is modular and may cover all or only some channels, the whole solution is powered by a common and smart platform, for a seamless cross-channel experience. For customers that means having the same type of service, regardless of the channel because the business logic is defined at the solution’s core and then pushed to the channel, always taking in considerations its idiosyncrasies.

We are all like John! We now come to expect the same level of service from CSPS that we get from other types of organizations, our mentality has also come to change, we are now much more digital oriented and organically driven.

CELFOCUS Omnichannel delivers on the promise of a unified customer experience by providing the same service level, regardless of the touchpoint. CELFOCUS Omnichannel has proven time and time again to be effective and pivotal in the digital transformation journey by delivering:

  • Consistent Customer Journeys
  • Coverage of all touchpoints
  • Do it yourself shopping experience

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