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Technical Experts Need to Get Better at Telling Stories

Call To Film — Sep 2018

If only we could tell our stories better...

"If only we could tell our stories better,” is a refrain I hear often from people I work with in the science and technology community. And I understand why. In my experience, startup and technical business leaders don’t tell their innovation stories well. This is a huge missed opportunity.

What are technical innovators doing wrong – and how can they fix it?

  1. Don’t hire PhDs to write your stories.
    A good communications expert can help you translate your work so it relates to the world outside your lab, office, or facility.
    If you are looking for a PhD in brain science to communicate brain science, then you’re not looking in the right place.
  2. Don’t believe that plain, clear writing is dumbing your ideas down.
    Jargon clutters your message and confuses the reader.
  3. Design a new communications playbook.
    Readers’ attention spans are getting shorter, it’s essential to follow this rule: Keep it simple. Build your narrative from the foundation up – one idea at a time.

Complex stories require different marketing approaches. If your traditional communications strategy isn’t working, try hiring professional storytellers.

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