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Call To Fun — Jun 2023

First Celfocus Project delivered in Ooredoo Qatar.

Ooredoo Project Story

About the client:

Ooredoo Group is a leading international TELCO with a customer base of more than 100 million across the Middle East, North Africa, and Southeast Asia.

Ooredoo is the TELCO market leader in Qatar, with a services and products portfolio covering Consumers, Enterprise, and Residences.

According to Marwa Sherief, Delivery Executive, “Working with an incredible Celfocus team across Lisbon, Oporto, and Cairo yet feeling the vibes of solid teamwork and spirit was a super experience. It was a great feeling that we’re adding big value to our client, not only in digital transformation but also in the mindset transformation from classical to agile operations.”

What & how did we deliver?

Celfocus delivered the Digital Gate Project, establishing a future-proof digital stack that enabled Ooredoo’s readiness for Digital Transformation.
This project was focused on building the technical foundations at Channels level covering the Digital Experience, Engagement, and Decoupling layers, leveraged on the Celfocus Omnichannel, Liferay and Red Hat OpenShift products.

The project was delivered in 8 months as planned, being a joint delivery of Digital Experience B2C and Cloud Solutions value streams, complemented by partnerships with Liferay and Red Hat.

This milestone was recognized by Ooredoo as a reference in Ooredoo’s Projects delivery, due to the professionalism and engagement that Celfocus’ team showed on the ground, always focused on ensuring our commitments and working together with Ooredoo to overcome the obstacles (and believe us, there were some interesting challenges in both Ooredoo and Celfocus’ sides).


What was the added value for the client?

Tiago Silvério Marques, Ooredoo Account Manager, stated that “Celfocus Digital Gate was the first step of Ooredoo Qatar to trigger Digital Transformation, having the end goal to enable business to be more agile and autonomous while ensuring the efficiency and reliability of the architecture.” 

Due to its strategic importance in Ooredoo’s roadmap and evolvement, this project was sponsored and oversight by the most senior levels in Ooredoo.

Celfocus was the first Ooredoo partner to establish the Agile ways of working on a such delivery scale, leveraging Ooredoo organisation transformation towards the new delivery methodologies and mindset.


What was the added value for Celfocus?

Celfocus Digital Gate positioned Celfocus and its Omnichannel product at the core of Ooredoo’s Digital Transformation strategy.

Celfocus team performance and competence reinforced Celfocus' credibility as a strategic and reliable partner in Ooredoo’s transformation of Technology, Business, and Ways of Working.


Who’s the team?

It was great to see Celfocus and Ooredoo people working as a single team towards the same objective. Here you can see the teams' details:



Celfocus is already designing and discussing together with Ooredoo the new business concepts and digital trends now available through Celfocus solutions.

For instance, Celfocus is already delivering the new digital selfcare features enabled by the technologies provided by Digital Gate, besides also working on the development of additional technical enablers for future journeys. A lot more from Celfocus is to come in Ooredoo, stay tuned!

Finalising with a message to the team, from the Program Manager, Dulari Tulcidas, that highlighted that “after 21.174 hours of work from more than 40 people, WE delivered! Thank you to the team, your professionalism and commitment really made a difference and become a reference recognized in both Celfocus and Ooredoo.