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Celfocus' Internal Mobility Programme

Call To Games — Jun 2017

Which opportunity is the right one for you?

Celfocus’ internal mobility programme reflects our intention to promote talent mobility, increase productivity and enrich your journey in the company.

The offerings are launched internally, all you have to do is apply.

Since November 2016, the programme has opened the door to new challenges for 3 of our colleagues and given 3 requesters the opportunity to meet in-house talent.

There can be an opportunity for you.

APPLICANTS - If you’re looking for new challenges, this programme can be an opportunity to reach new roles, meet new teams, explore new geographies and develop new skills.

REQUESTER - If there’s an open position within your team, let us help you look for the right talent in-house.

Past Success Stories

ROLE: Lead DevOps Engineer

We're looking for a Lead DevOps Engineer. In this position, you will take a leading role in enabling and developing our Agile/DevOps culture and continuously innovate and improve the way our delivery teams support and boost our clients.

The candidate should have a deep understanding of build and release processes and a good awareness on automation solutions for application delivery. This position requires good analytical skills and the ability to learn new technologies in the area of continuous inspection, continuous integration, continuous delivery and continuous deployment.

This role focuses on developing cutting edge solutions to continuously improve the Software Delivery Life Cycle processes, help Development, QA and Production Support teams deliver quality software solutions at a faster speed.

At the core of the role is becoming an expert in the field of DevOps and solutions engineering, capable of reliably coordinating, deploying, monitoring, investigating and improving our processes and technical stacks. Along with hands-on technical skills, you will provide leadership and mentoring to software engineers, and implement the processes required to ensure these initiatives are successful across the multiple teams and areas/units.

This is an internal role with the possibility of direct involvement in client initiatives/projects, whenever appropriate, given the role’s responsibilities.

Paulo César Reis
Project Requester

“Knowing exactly what I was looking for, having that very clear in my head, helped this whole process. We all come out winning if things are clear.”

Pedro Nogueira
Project Selected Applicant

“This was interesting, a completely new area for Celfocus! The job description captured my attention, I was running away from my comfort zone and that excited me.”

ROLE: Solution Architect

We're looking for a highly motivated and experienced Solution Architect. In this position, you will be part of a transversal Architecture Office team that will be leading, collaborating and advising cross-domain assignments and will be involved with a variety of areas.

The candidate needs to have a deep understanding and experience in Telco market, and be capable of defining solutions in BSS and OSS domains. Research oriented profile with strong focus on learning and sharing new technologies, trends and methodologies.

The candidate should be able to deal with different tasks and assignments simultaneously, maintaining deep focus on the target goals.

This is an internal role with the possibility of being directly involved in client initiatives/projects on a temporary basis.

Nuno Justino Santos
Project Requester

“The internal mobility programme is well structured! During the interviewing process I was able to bring in other interlocutors, which helped me considered other perspectives.”

Daniel Costa
Project Selected Applicant

“The role included being part of something that was far more than just a solution, it was wide-ranging – it need to be shaped strategically.”

Role: Project Manager Dubai

This is a great opportunity for you to become part of the team responsible for the delivery of projects in Dubai and the Middle East region; contributing to consolidate Celfocus’ position at du and support development in the region.

Alexandre Cardoso
Project Requester

“An opportunity in Dubai- an 8-hour flight away from Portugal – is always harder to fill! But it was possible! We’re building a team here that is made up of different types of people that complement one another.”

Bruno Coelho
Project Selected Applicant

"This was different– I was going to be able to challenge my skills with other people in a completely different geography! I knew the people behind this internal mobility and that also attracted my attention – it was fundamental for me – the people."