About Celfocus training

Call To Learning — Sep 2022

The training team works daily to support the implementation of Celfocus’ strategy, by providing the training and development of our people in several Knowledge Pillars. Aiming to ensure full coverage of a Celfie’s lifecycle, both in terms of personal development, as well as technical and project management/agile contents.

By challenging our colleagues to explore valuable content that teaches and inspires others in various moments and promoting consistency, rigor and sharing across the organisation.

Proactively training our people to improve their technical, management and personal development skills according Celfocus’ business priorities.

How we see Training at Celfocus

Training to us is a combination of key pillars:

  1. a learning ecosystem in which you control the speed of evolution that suits your needs. This training programme was created for you, therefore you’re in control, choose your speed and your path depending on your current or future challenges.
  2. fueled from the inside, we’re taking advantage of an internal knowledge pool of trainers, that help us build and maintain a hard to replicate competitive advantage based on our internal experience.
  3. “practice makes perfect”, most of our trainings include a practical component.

So…What’s in it for you?

Prepare to face challenges ahead and add value to your career.
In your Learnin portal you will find recommended training to advance your skills across domains and become ready for your current and future missions. 

Your journey in Learnin may be guided by a Learning Paths, according to your current and/or future role and expertise, or you can explore the Catalogue and discover training that fits your role, expertise and interests.

Learn at your own pace, through world class e-learning content- carefully selected from some of the best content providers or learn from real experience by joining Celfocus Trainers led classes.

What kind of trainings are we talking about?


  • Learn how to use and develop the skills you already have, as well as learn new ones.
  • Learn new technologies, how to write better code and prepare for new assignments.
  • Learn how to craft your communication to be understood, to pitch your ideas whether you are on stage giving a presentation or in team meeting, to ask better questions and unleash contributions.
  • Sharpen your ability to manage a project and your stakeholders’ expectations.


It's up to you to engage and keep pace. Enroll and enjoy your learning.
& remember the relevant skills you learn today can be used not just tomorrow, but for the rest of your life. 

Meet the operations team

The Operations Team aims support our trainers and learners in all training activities operations, as well as monitoring and reporting, in articulation with Knowledge Leads and BU Training Advisors

David Paulino
Role Training Operations Coordinator

What inspires you?

People. I get a sense of achievement when I know I’ve contributed or impacted someone’s life.

Isabella Gebert
Role Operations team

What inspires you?

What inspires me is being able to deal with situations out of my comfort zone. Testing my own ability of handling the unknown makes me realize that a lot of things we go through on our daily lives are not necessarily difficult, but new. It’s only a matter of learning how to deal with them.

Joana Sousa
Role Operations team

What inspires you?

What motivates me is to know that every day we’re given the chance to develop and become a better version of ourselves.

Ricardo Pinto
Role Operations team

What inspires you?

Being able to do new things and be successful. Being able to provide unique solutions to different and more complex problems.

Rita Venâncio
Role Operations team

What inspires you?

It inspires me to realize that what I do can have a positive impact on someone's life. Knowing that I promoted development or that I collaborated to make something/someone better. We can grow and learn as a team and that’s ravishing!

Meet the Knowledge Leads

Knowledge Leads are responsible for developing our training catalogue for each of the knowledge pillars (Personal Development & Plugin / Technical / Value Capture / Agile), in articulation with our training advisors. This includes identifying training needs, planning training calendar and articulation with training suppliers/vendors.

Esmeralda Monteiro
Role Technical Knowledge Lead

What inspires you?

What inspires me is the full potential of technology that will reshape the future based on the principles of equality, trust, sustainability, and people first.

Eva Reis
Role Personal Development & Plugin Knowledge Lead

What inspires you?

Exploring new possibilities, questioning the obvious, brave and honest people, and the feeling I am free when starting a fresh new day. Also, my kids…sometimes.

João Carp
Role Head of Training

What inspires you?

Working along different minded and engaging people, with sense of purpose.

Gonçalo Valverde
Role Agile Knowledge Lead (Agile Leverage)

What inspires you?

Why are you travelling to that place? Because I've never been there!

Patrícia Pinto
Role Value Capture Knowledge Lead

What inspires you?

What inspires me is to help in people's growth based on involvement, mentoring, and trust relationship.