Celfocus Awards

Vote for your colleagues.

Call To Celfies — Dec 2021

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The second edition of Celfocus Awards is now live. 
Use the form to nominate colleagues whose expertise, professionalism and team spirit are shown day in and day out. 

Important Celfocus Awards information:

  • Nominations 
    • This phase will last until January 17th 
    • Please do not nominate yourself 
    • Provide a brief explanation of why you are nominating your colleage
  • Voting 
    • This phase will last until February 10th.  
    • Once the nomination phase is complete, we will analyse your answers and share a shortlist. 
    • Shortlists are the 3 most voted nominees, in case there are ties we will include more shortlisted nominees. 
  • Results 
    • On February 23rd, we will share the winners of the 2nd edition of Celfocus Awards at our Golden Hour.