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Call To Fun — Jun 2023

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The Power of Blockchain

You heard about crypto, right? For the last few years, crypto has been in everyone’s mouth for good and bad reasons. Crypto brought a decentralized new paradigm on financial assets and an economy that a few years back we couldn’t even imagine. But crypto is only a use case of blockchain technology, can you even imagine all that’s possible to do with it?

If we think about web1 as the primordial stage of the Internet, it was a great way to enable us to start consuming information and communicating from a global perspective. Web2 shortly followed, where we could read information, write, contribute, and generate data, in a distributed manner.

Web3 is a huge leap from that, built on top of the protocols inherited from web2 and enabling both the decentralization and ownership of information, as well as accountability and trust as a fundamental technological feature across all network layers – that is the power of blockchain. Web3 has been an umbrella concept that encompasses many things, this evolution is where blockchain technology is best equipped to enable new use cases and businesses we have never imagined before.

In fact, blockchain promises a huge revolution, not only business-wise but also in how businesses are run and governed. All this revolving a fundamental value for performing any type of interaction across a distributed ecosystem: the concept of trust!

Enterprise blockchains

On the enterprise side of blockchain, there are a lot of concerns around topics like performance, scalability, energy consumption, ESG, and of course… data privacy.

When we think about information sharing from a business perspective as it occurs today, using legacy solutions, it has a huge underlying cost associated with it. It is feasible, as companies are already doing it, but it is also expensive and a result of intense and painfully hard work.

We believe blockchain is here to help bring transparency and technological easiness to companies doing business transactions with multiple parties where information needs to be shared…. But, as we all know there are always trade-offs.

The way we see it is that this trade-off comes in the form of business strategies. Companies need to adapt and change the way they interact and do business with each other, meeting the new web3 era. When a business unlocks and starts pursuing value, technology is for sure not the limit.,

How can Celfocus Training help


Organizations are adopting Blockchain technology and fostering the development of innovation at industries, services and society at large.

A consistent Blockchain training strategy is key to support the demand for Blockchain skills. Celfocus training offers learning opportunities with introductory videos to help you and your team to learn Blockchain fundamentals and raise Blockchain awareness throughout the organization. Furthermore, intermediate and advanced technical training are available for teams that use Blockchain, to support them to reach expertise in compelling proficiencies in Blockchain technology.

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To learn more about the Blockchain training offer, please explore our catalogue here or contact us at

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This global session that happened on May 2nd aimed to share our strategic positioning regarding our people, offers, and clients. This was an opportunity to better understand our strategy and the recent organisational changes. If you were unable to attend the session, you can watch it now on CALL TV or click here for additional information about this event!

Let’s Celebrate – Promotions Events in Lisbon and Porto

We gathered our colleagues to celebrate their promotions and new roles! With the presence of our leadership team, these were important moments to recognise how critical and influential our people are to make a visible difference at Celfocus. Check out the photos of these events in Lisbon and Porto. Congratulations to all our colleagues!

GDPR 5th Anniversary and New Personal Data Processing Procedure

On GDPR’s 5th anniversary, we reinforced that we all play an important role in Celfocus’ Privacy Management System and in keeping our commitment to protect personal data. It is everyone’s responsibility to act in compliance with Celfocus’ Privacy Policies and Procedures, therefore we are sharing the new version of our Personal Data Processing Procedure – a document with a set of instructions regarding personal data processing that reflects GDPR’s requirements as well as those in other relevant data protection frameworks.

From the General Data Protection Regulation requirements to the ones established in third countries data protection frameworks, which have been arising globally since the GDPR came into force (namely in Africa and Middle East), navigating the global data protection landscape and demonstrating compliance with it still represents a challenge for most organisations.

As these frameworks continue to be released, a Gartner survey predicts that by the end of 2024, 75% of the world’s population will have its personal data covered under modern privacy regulations.

The ever-evolving regulatory landscape we operate in poses challenges to privacy management, being essential to embed data protection in our organisational culture, providing a shared understanding of how personal data should be processed, and continuously improve Celfocus’ Privacy Management System to meet both legal and contractual requirements.

Celfocus Days – June 6th and 7th

This edition of Celfocus Days focused on showcasing the practical applications of our products and services, and the benefits they provide to our clients. The event provided a platform for presenting case studies and success stories, where we demonstrated how our offerings have helped or will help customers solve their problems, improve their business outcomes, and achieve their goals. Click here to review all presentations and additional info.

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Hello Summer – June 29th

On June 29th, we will celebrate the Summer Season! Bringing colleagues together for an evening of fun and relaxed interactions, where we will have the opportunity to feel Celfocus’ true spirit, meet new colleagues, and celebrate. You can see all the details and information here.

Hackathon 2023 – July 3rd to 7th

Solving Challenges and Securing the "Hacked City" in the World of Technical Security

From physical challenges that require your ingenuity to virtual ones that allow you to hack into our very own "Hacked City," this event promises to push your limits and ignite your creativity.

One of the standout features of the Hackathon is the opportunity to solder your own badge. This custom-made tech masterpiece becomes your key to unlock virtual sites that are in dire need of your hacking skills. You'll have a direct impact on the safety and security of the "Hacked City." Are you up for the challenge?

The Hackathon is not just about competition; it's a melting pot of ideas, talks, collaboration, and networking. Engage with industry experts, mentors, and fellow hackers who share your passion for technical security. And let's not forget the rewards!

Join us at the Hackathon and be part of a legacy that will shape the future of cybersecurity. Register now and prepare to unleash your full potential in an environment that thrives on innovation, skill, and passion. The Hackathon is where innovation meets security, and together, we will hack the world!

Keep track of all Celfocus events on our shared calendar here.