Jawwy Architecture Evolution

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Call To Energy — Sep 2023

Aligning business agility and tech reliability

About the client/ project:

Jawwy is a Telco company part of Saudi Arabia STC, one of the major Telcos in the Middle East. It’s an operator with vast potential and ambition. Born as a genuine digital operator, it is well-positioned to define the market rules and become a sizeable digital player in the region. The client understood that to achieve this ambition it needed to be armed with a modern architecture, an architecture that gives the greatest agility and autonomy to the business teams while ensuring the efficiency and reliability required by the technology teams.

The initial Project - JAE (Jawwy Architecture Evolution) - started in 2019 and ended 2022. During this period Celfocus achieved a private beta Live (company customers) and a public beta Live (invited customers).

JAE ended officially in December 2022 without a full Go Live. That was postponed and to be ensured by AD Team in 2023, the main reason was that some mandatory features (regulatory) for Go Live were not in the scope of JAE but are now in the scope for the AD Team.

In parallel with Jawwy AD there are also new Teams and Projects ongoing such has: 

  • AM (L3) – Team that delivers third line support to production responsible for correcting problems in production environment;
  • Migration – Team that has the responsibility to migrate all existing Customer from old stack to new stack once Go Live is in place;
  • CMS – Team that is developing features within the scope of campaign management.


What & how did we deliver?

During the JAE period, Celfocus delivered all the baseline of new architecture in Jawwy, having several Celfocus Teams and working in an ecosystem with other Vendors that were also delivering products/features for the new stack (Order Management, Catalogue, Charging system, and others).

Nowadays in AD stream we are fine tuning JAE delivery and enhancing the system with more features towards a complete Go Live that is expected soon.

Celfocus has several Teams working in Jawwy AD, and we can divide them in 3 main blocks:

  • E2E Design: responsible for delivering a holistic solution design blueprint and managing a consolidated requirements backlog and roadmap (working on behalf of Jawwy Architecture);
  • Environment Management: responsible for evolving and maintaining the non-prod environments and the factory tools;
  • Application Development: responsible for product increment and evolution of features building them according to Jawwy requirements.


Celfocus delivery consists in:

Three Customer facing components: Customer Portal (WEB), Customer App (Mobile) and Customer Care Portal (WEB). A technical solution based on AEM, API Management, ESB, MicroServices Farm, and FDA.


What was the added value for the client?

In the fast-evolving world of telecommunications, being truly digital is not just a choice but a fundamental requirement. Born as a truly digital brand, Jawwy is positioned to redefine the market rules and emerge as a reference operator in Saudi Arabia. 

To achieve its vision, Jawwy replaced its legacy stack with an innovative reference architecture. Celfocus, as part of a consortium of vendors managed by STC Solutions, played a key role in this journey, providing a highly distributed, decoupled, microservices-based architecture for Jawwy, leaning on a suite of vendor solutions that perfectly align with Jawwy’s goals.

In line with the growing trend of mobile usage, Jawwy's transformation underscores a mobile-first approach. This strategy prioritizes the seamless operation and functionality of mobile applications, ensuring that customers have the optimum experience on the devices they use most. The newly introduced mobile channels offer customers effortless access to services, comprehensive self-care, and efficient customer care. This approach not only enhances the accessibility and convenience for the customers but also reflects Jawwy’s commitment to staying ahead in the digital curve.

On the other hand, the technology transformation ensures the smooth, efficient running of operations, offering customers reliable and rapid data access.

Jawwy digital transformation transcends technology; it is a renewed commitment to enhance customer value, strengthening Jawwy’s position as a progressive, customer-centric telecommunications leader in Saudi Arabia.


What was the added value for Celfocus?

The value Celfocus is acquiring in Jawwy can be considered in two levels:

  • Create a reference of solution/architecture for future Celfocus projects, since this solution sets a new pace not only due to the way SelfCare was designed. Delivering important pieces in architecture to support that Selfcare, namely APIs that expose features to any channel, Microservices that isolate business logic, and FDA a highly available and performant component based on an eventual consistency model that minimizes delay from Systems of Records to Digital Channels.
  • The success of this project will allow Celfocus to set a footprint in Saudi Arabia but also the Middle East, a very interesting yet complex market. The architecture Celfocus is implementing in Jawwy has already received an award in Middle East Telecommunications World Conference 2022 for the Best Digital Transformation Program. This can leverage Celfocus’ position not only in STC but in all Middle East.

Overall, we can consider that the Celfocus Team in Jawwy already has a great story to tell but aims to create a bigger success story that might open new doors and interesting business achievements.


Who’s the team?

Celfocus AD team started with 22 people and has grown to 44 people in less than one year, spanning all work streams of the project.

It’s also interesting to say that these 44 consultants are distributed in several locations such as Oporto, Lisbon, Cairo, New Deli, and Bangalore.



Regarding Jawwy, these are the main goals for 2023:

  • Deliver the system in production, Go Live expected soon;
  • Stabilize the system in production environment, ensuring Jawwy is not impacted in their sales;
  • Migrate all Customers from Old stack to the new stack once it is live;
  • Deliver CMS project enhancing Jawwy new stack with campaign management and gamification;
  • Discuss a future approach to a fully DevOps model;
  • Increase and spread knowledge in all teams and create opportunities to share knowledge with other Celfocus’ projects.