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Call To Experiences — Apr 2024

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Trainers Recognition

We are proud to announce the best trainers of 2023!

These trainers have shown exceptional dedication and skill in delivering training to our people. They have gone above and beyond to ensure that our employees receive the best possible training, and have consistently received high praise from their learners.

Based on several criteria, such as the number of different courses, number of training hours, and the number of sessions given, as well as their average Net Promoter Score (NPS), these trainers have truly excelled in their roles.
trainers-recognition.jpgWe would like to thank these trainers for their hard work and dedication to helping our learners grow and develop. Their contributions have been invaluable to Celfocus, and we are grateful for their efforts.

Please join us in congratulating these trainers on their achievements!

Would you like to become a trainer too? Reach out to us, through celfocus.training@celfocus.com!

Recap 900x50px V2.pngBreakfast with SLT

A new internal initiative - Breakfast with the Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

This is a revitalisation of the former existing “Breakfast with CEO” initiative with an important twist by also involving members of the SLT.

This initiative aims to engage young talent with the company, promoting clarification of the Celfocus’ vision, strategy, and objectives, as well as having the top management listen to the ideas and concerns of the people who join our team. 

The first Breakfast with SLT took place in Lisbon on March 25th (photos below). Further sessions will take place this month and during the year. Breakfast with SLT will be part of the onboarding process and will occur in the Lisbon and Oporto offices.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the first session.

Hack This – April 2024


It's a wrap for the first edition of Hack This in 2024, our internal hacking challenge! Thank you to Pedro Tarrinho for hosting the event and congratulations to the winners who showcased exceptional cybersecurity skills:

  • 1st place: Hackaholics (João André Teixeira, Noha Khaled and José Leal)
  • 2nd place: Super Saiyan Hacker (Pedro Campos, Mostafa Gharib and José Miguel Neves)
  • 3rd place: YUdoThisCELFOCUS (Bruno Anjos, Eduardo Roque Oliveira and Sofia da Silva Pereira)

This initiative reinforces our commitment to safeguarding our solutions, and our clients, from emerging threats effectively, ensuring enhanced protection for digital assets and data integrity.

Get Together – March 2024

On March 18th we reunited the teams in Lisbon, Porto, and Egypt to celebrate different moments. While our colleagues in Egypt gathered to celebrate Iftar, in Lisbon and Porto we were celebrating Easter.

In Porto, we had an extra reason to celebrate since it was the week of our 10th anniversary in this geography. Visit our Instagram to see the photos.
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News about our next events coming soon!

We remind you that you can check the events calendar available on Celfocus Intranet.