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Acting with a purpose

Call To Health — Apr 2021

Celfocus launches Social Responsibility programme


As we help our customers modernize, automate and digitise their business, we also seek to make a difference for the benefit of the wider society. We believe we can do so by supporting the community and creating a sustainable environment through engaging and purpose-driven initiatives.

Acting with a Purpose is driven by our belief in creating a socially and economically fair world. Creating impact on the world through our culture and knowledge by placing social awareness and active participation in daily behaviours. This unified purpose will allow Celfocus to:

  • Amplify positive social change
    Provide the necessary means, knowledge for those in need.
  • Foster a vibrant community of passionate and purpose-driven people
    Create a happy and engaged community.
  • Create an ecosystem of sustainable impact
    Promote a waste-free and eco-friendly environment.

Acting with a purpose is an ongoing social responsibility programme established in 2021 that will refresh its mission based on emerging and contextual challenges. For the upcoming two-years, Celfocus will mainly focus on how Technology should reach everyone.

Working to bring the best of the tech world to as many people as possible. Technology inclusion and literacy are becoming more beneficial to more people in our society. We care about those who are still being excluded from this opportunity. Our vision for better lives in society happens when many people as possible have access to the endless possibilities that technology unfolds. 

We eat, sleep and breathe technology. It's why we are so committed to conducting better access to an endless opportunity to many people as possible through initiatives such as: 

1. Partnering and supporting institutions who develop programs in tech literacy.

In May 2020, Celfocus proudly announced its collaboration with Student Keep! Together we fought inequality in access to education, by identifying keepers, that will donate equipment to students without access to them and gathering volunteers to perform the necessary technical interventions.


2. Donating savings on plastic and turning them into a tech inclusion opportunity.

In 2018, Celfocus celebrated its 18th anniversary by taking big, responsible measures! Plastic is taking over our planet, Celfocus is taking responsibility.
Don't drink. In Plastic.


3. Giving our people time (one day per year) to support the causes that are important to them through volunteer work.

Learn more about our programme, here.

Give in to Giving

The film sprung from the insight that altruism is deeply rooted in human nature. Volunteering for a cause, big or small, fulfills our natural instinct to help, share and get involved.