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Call To Others — Nov 2018

We are all Marketers! A narrative in the making…

For real. We all have a little marketer that lives inside us, sometimes trapped but anxious to reveal itself in different moments. Personal marketing is part of our daily lives, it can be convincing our child to eat vegetables at dinner or land our dream job.

At Celfocus, Marketing has had different embodiments over the years but today it is focused on structuring and developing business narratives to showcase Celfocus’ offers. Our mission is to assist and support the development of strong and meaningful value propositions, ensuring message consistency across all communication touch-points.

To support this mission, we’ve developed different types of marketing collateral, including white papers and videos which present Celfocus’ offering, based on a business narrative, aiming at answering the following questions:

  • What problem do we solve?
  • For whom do we solve it?
  • How do we do it?
  • What is our unique value proposition?

One of the main challenges is to ensure that the message is consistent across all touch-points and different stages of the sales cycle. We are one company, we have one way of presenting what we do and what we deliver.

Other initiatives led by marketing, in tight collaboration with other teams, are the external customer newsletter, Celfocus´ webinar series and the market intelligence newsletter, among others.

Like everything at Celfocus, teamwork is of the essence. Everything we do must have impact on the business and how our people understand and position our offerings but, to have impact, we collaborate and incorporate the experience and expertise from those that develop and deploy our solutions.

The next chapter of this narrative is also written by you. As we continue to expand our footprint, deliver innovative solutions and conquer new customers, marketing relies on you to continue writing this successful Celfocus narrative, which we all are part of.

What is the marketing campaign that most impacted you and why?

Nuno Periquito

With all the fake news going around and especially with Brazil’s controversial Presidential election, taking place, it’s interesting to see that in 1988, one of Brazil’s main newspapers, Folha de São Paulo, ads showing how you can say a bunch of lies telling the truth.

Folha de São Paulo, the paper you can buy but will never sell out.

1988 - Comercial Hitler - Folha de São Paulo

Teresa Onofre

It’s a bit hard for me to point out one campaign that caught my eye in a special way. Even so, I’d say Lacoste’s “Save our Species” initiative, result from a partnership with International Union for Conservation of Nature, is one of my favourites. It consists of a temporary replacement of the brand’s iconic symbol, the crocodile, by the 10 most endangered species on the planet. The number of each shirt available in this limited edition corresponds to that of the existing specimens for each individual species.

For example, there are only 30 with the vaquita and 40 with a turtle, for a total of 1,775 t-shirts. Clap clap, Lacoste! For me it demonstrates how powerful and well-established in the market the brand is, besides being an original way to call everyone’s attention to a serious issue.


Epic Split earned 100 million views. Huge for a B2B video!