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Providing robust, effective and consistent platforms and infrastructures that meet customer’s daily business challenges.

In a demanding industry such as ours, Telecommunications, system integrators need to keep up with customer’s challenging demands. To support these demands and the aggressive time-to-market, infra-structures and platforms must be created quickly, with high standards and guaranteed reliability in the long-term.

The use of Cloud providers combined with Automation are key success factors for the required fast implementations of infra-structure and platforms. The resources supplied by cloud providers are fully virtualized allowing hosts (operating system and related resources) to be created with the required parameters through an automation tool.

Once the host is ready, platform is installed with the required parametrization also using an automation tool. The use of our automation tool reduces infra-structure and platforms setup times and allows the incorporation of security policy requirements.

Requirements are incapsulated into standardized files as inputs to the automatic installation of platforms and required infra-structure resources.

The Environment Management team’s automation installation solution was developed through the combination of multiple platform, infra-structure and automation skills within our team.

The transition between requirements into standardized files results from a close engagement between our environment management specialists and development teams.

While using Cloud providers and automation tools, Celfocus’ Environment Management team also keeps up these demands and challenges by focusing on the reliability and feasibility of platforms and infrastructures the moment they are being created by focusing on:

Good Design: in both infra-structure and platform;

Consistency: release management to guarantee the deployment of consistent software packages;

Fault Tolerance: Use of infra-structure from cloud providers through virtualization to minimize the impacts of hardware failures on the solutions;

Flexible resources: Continuous monitoring of infra-structure resources, to re-evaluate resource sizing through software lifecycle;

Security: Apply the necessary security policies into Infra-structure and platform.

Taking the above factors into consideration when creating infra-structures and platforms is crucial to guarantee its reliability. To recover/prevent possible failures, the team uses monitorization to:

  • Accelerate failure resolution through a knowledge base fast access to determine the root cause;
  • Implement failure prevention events.

The use of release management enables the complete knowledge of the implemented solution and instantiates rollback procedures.

There are always unpredictable failures and an environment team must be always ready to solve them. These unpredictable failures must be instantiated with business continuity solutions with experienced team.

But in a world ever more Agile…

Continuous modifications/agile development requires flexible capacity, scalability, continuous availability and business agility.

To do so, Celfocus’ Environment management team uses:

  • Robust release management to implement successful releases according to business needs, technological upgrades and software corrections;
  • Infra-structure implementation based on “Canary Releases” or “Blue Green Patterns” reduces the risk of introducing new software versions into production;
  • Combining monitoring and automation with the right use of multiple cloud providers, dynamically manages resources and prevents failures through the holistic vision, configuration and tuning of those capabilities

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