Early in the 21st century

CELFOCUS Omnichannel Video Series – Reinventing Relationships (Part 2)

Call To Action — Jan 2018 by Nuno Periquito

"Early in the 21st Century, THE TYRELL CORPORATION advanced robot evolution into the NEXUS phase - a being virtually identical to a human - known as a Replicant".

For hardcore Blade Runner fans, especially those born in the 70s, this sentence is immediately recognized from the film, with the same name. This neo-noir science fiction film directed by Ridley Scott defined a time where humans and machines no longer lived in peace and harmony.

In this parallel universe in which synthetic humans known as replicant rebels against its creators is the motto, for a very young Harrison Ford, to engage in a hunt to retire (kill) those “things”.

Although the film supposedly takes place in 2019, we are still a long way from the reality depicted. Nevertheless, today we are witnessing the beginning of a revolution where bots, aided by artificial intelligence, are able to perform tasks once done solely by humans.

The future of collaboration between machines and humans doesn’t necessarily translate into some kind of apocalypse, quite the opposite. There are many domains today in which robots and bots play an important role, freeing people to focus on more added value tasks. One of the areas where synergies are very strong is in customer support.

More and more, bots are one of the touchpoints available to customers. Available 24/7, never upset or agitated, and always providing customers with the same experience. Could this be the future?

At Celfocus, we believe that the future will be something else but where bots can play a role. Recently we’ve added to our flagship product, CELFOCUS Omnichannel, a bot capability to help customers solve specific issues, as a complement to the other interaction channels.

CELFOCUS Omnichannel is a telco oriented solution, developed to ensure a consistent customer journey, regardless of the touchpoint. It covers sales and customer care scenarios for Assisted channels (shops, call centres, partners, and field engineers) and Non-Assisted channels (eCommerce and self-care), supported by a common and smart platform, for a seamless cross-channel experience.

By providing a 360-degree customer view combined with a timeline of customer interactions (regardless of the channels used), CELFOCUS Omnichannel helps agents recognize customers quickly. The solution allows the pausing and resuming of customer journeys, enabling them to continue where they left off, in a transparent and valued added way.

This solution empowers CSPs to shift from optimizing individual touchpoints to designing a fully integrated cross-channel experience by consolidating all channels in one technology, ultimately decreasing its TCO.

If you want to learn more what our Omnichannel offer, please check out this video where Omnibot, helps George, during his busy day, to conclude an online purchase.

We share Deckard words “Replicants are like any other machine. They're either a benefit or a hazard.” We don’t know what kind of future machines and humans will build but it sure will be an interesting one.