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We create important instruments of convergence, for advanced telecommunication services. Grant unified access, unified management and unified operations. We are Unified Communications.

We help our telecom providers acquire new revenue sources (VPN, Fixed Mobile Substitution Fixed Mobile Convergence, PABX integration, Residential Voice and useful additional capabilities to VoLTE) by aiming to reduce churn by coupling several mobile and wireline services together, such as: 2G/3G, 4G VoLTE, Fixed IP Phones, Soft Clients, Colaborative Clients.

Flexible Unified Communication answers address both green field environments, as well as migration of legacy solutions, at end of their life cycle or requiring investments.

Our tools embody Celfocus’ experience and critical feedback from Key International Operators. Since one solution may not fit all, we also develop specific instruments for our customers, keeping them updated and competitive in their specific environments/market. Celfocus Unified Communications adds value to customer services, enabling them to customize and control their own services without telecom provider intervention.


ONE NET is a voice solution product family, suited for the enterprise market providing functions such as Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC), Fixed Mobile Substitution (FMS) and VPN. This solution can be provided as-a-service and it simplifies the operator’s infrastructure, reduces capital, operation expenses and offers differentiation from competitors.


  • New Business Opportunities acquiring new revenue sources by joining several solutions in one.
  • Flexibility by choosing which features are available to customers
  • Costs saving: Telecom providers profit from easy centralized management tasks and integration with their IT systems, relying on pain free upgrades to the latest features according to Operators business needs.
  • Productivity: whether using mobile, wireline or soft phone, user gets seamless advanced features, regardless of their location, at the office or on-the-move.
  • Personalization Solution available for several usage profiles: mobile, wireline, softphone, easy to add locations, phone numbers and services, according to customer needs.

GENERIC CALL CONTROL (GCC) is a solution for consumer market that supports a wide variety of advanced call control functions, implementing call handling logic on top of Telecom Provider mobile VoLTE network infrastructure, facilitating migration to 4G/VoLTE services. Also comprises the flexibility to support specific features developed in the scope of 2G/3G services, which are now required to be available on VoLTE services, such as: Number Portability, Short codes handling, ring back tones integration, etc.


  • Flexibility – Choosing which features are available, capability to swiftly provide pre or postpaid services to the end user.
  • Costs saving – Telecom providers profit from easy centralized management tasks and integration with their IT systems, according to Operators business needs.
  • Market Differentiation – With GCC, operators can offer personalized and differentiated services to their customers (in 2G, 3G or 4G).
  • User Empowerment – Provides users capability to migrate to LTE/VoLTE services maintaining all the user experience of 2G/3G existing enhanced features.
  • Enhanced User Experience – Leveraged by a rich set of features ranging from base short code handling or call blocking to the most advanced personalized greeting service or advanced routing.

RESIDENTIAL FIXED VOICE is a solution for consumer market ideal for enhancing communications of fixed line subscribers from residential market and SOHO (Small Office/Home Office)


  • Costs saving – provides less costly fixed voice services over IP
  • Practical – Easy to provisioning administration portal, flexible and high-capacity architecture for scalable services
  • Enhanced Services: convenient services for the residential end user, by forwarding calls, to simple call conference, ensuring that customers have a complete IP voice service at home; enables a professional enhanced voice communications service using a minimal SOHO on-premises PABX infrastructure service or advanced routing.

INTERACTIVE VOICE RESPONSE (IVR ACD) is a solution that provides personalized support on customer interactions and performs automatic call distribution to the best available contact centre agents, in order to complete the subscriber’s request.

Functions as routing based on subscriber profile, time of day and personalized interaction with context are also part of the customer self-service solution, allowing specialized agents to be available for the most complex interactions, contributing to consistently deliver the best customer experience.


  • Resources optimization – Efficient self-service solution by having the appropriate information on the IVR, enabling agent call avoidance. Increase agent and company efficiency, reducing hold time, increase first call resolution by routing calls to the most capable agent. Inbound and outbound service according to business requirements. Identify recurrent calls.
  • Customer loyalty – Increase customer satisfaction by serving simpler queries automatically and complex ones by the most capable agent.
  • Costs saving – Divert calls to non-peak hours, emergency message for subscriber screening, authentication based on backend, efficient solution monitoring and support reducing operational costs.
  • Productivity – Simpler queries are served automatically and efficiently. Complex interactions reach the best contact center agent according to the customer needs.
  • Personalization – Authentication based on backend data and customer profiling provides well-organized routing for personalized customer experience. Sensitive subjects can be automatically addressed by the IVR, in multiple languages

CUSTOM DEVELOPMENTS are solutions which comprise specific developments for our customers, so they can be competitive in their markets and/or environments. Customers benefit from Celfocus’ flexible Unified Communications platforms’ development knowledge (MCAS and OpenCloud platforms) by provisioning/configuration of specific portals, to adapt to specific customer requirements also simplifying IT integration.

Some examples of these custom developments are: IPTrunking, RingBackTones, Call Barring Services, Carrier Selection, mobile CS and IMS EU roaming integration, etc.


Unified Communications is organised in several areas, which help us target our solutions appropriately.

We are divided in 4 main areas:

  1. Programme Management: Team responsible for installing, integrating and delivering our solutions on time, efficiently and according to Celfocus’ quality standards. When custom developments, are required, they are developed by this team. This team is also responsible for the Time & Materials opportunities and deliver the necessary resources to those projects.
  2. Product and Project Management: This team designs the products and plans their evolution/lifecycle, minimizing the jeopardizing risks to our solutions. They are also responsible for managing the client interface, concerning product evolution communications, managing the product roadmap and the teams involved in all the products’ development process and for maintaining the functional and user guides documentation up to date.
  3. Development and Quality Management: Develop the solutions supplied by Unified Communications’ offer. This team also ensures the internal certification tests of the successive roadmap releases.
  4. Operations Management: Application Maintenance for ongoing operations: VF-UK, VF-PT, VF-TR and VF-AL.

Our Programme Management is also responsible for business expansion, whereas the other 3 areas concentrate on the product’s lifecycle and consolidation.

IN 2016

  • We renewed our One Net Support services for VF-UK and VFPT, and upgraded our existing solutions in those OpCos
  • Consolidated our One Net solutions in VF-TR, where we registered a strong growth and also implemented One Net in a new market: VF-AL.
  • We added GCC to our UK portfolio, and an additional GCC release implementation for
  • VF-PT, which will be concluded in 2017. There is also an evolution of this solution in other OpCos.
  • We also are currently working on:
    • Residential Voice solution migration to MCAS;
    • Prepaid support where we integrate the VF-PT Support Team to support the ALU SurePay solution, and IVR development where we make specific developments to run over the VFPT IVR solution.
    • IPTRUNKING migration to One Net Trunk, enabling the customer to use our OneNet Solution, accessing to all OneNet features.
  • We have started our own Celfocus roadmap Call Centre, which will enable medium-sized One Net customers to quickly setup their own inbound call centre services, using One Net devices and self-care portal.

FOR 2017

Our main goal for 2017 is Unified Communication’s growth.

In order to achieve this, we must continue being perceived as a trusting partner for the Vodafone Group. We need to monitor new markets and opportunities constantly, in order to gain new business in new OpCos.

It is also important to improve our processes, to have a more effective response to market demands and be even more flexible. Moreover, it is vital to extend our product/services portfolio, achieve more markets and increase our total Revenue.

Our team is key so we can achieve our ambitious plan for 2017. Thank you for all your work!

“You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore”

- Cristopher Columbus



Our team likes to run, we actually run a lot!

We won 1st Place at the Novabase Race, for 4 consecutive years!

Almost every day of the week you can find a Unified Communications team member running during lunchtime, near our premises in Lisbon, at Parque das Nações. Whoever wants to join us, just has to show up at 12:30, at Novabase’s locker room.

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