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How can Network Operations gain insights from Patterns in Nature

Call To Nature — Apr 2019 by Nuno Periquito

Managing network operations using cogntive automations.

Nature has been, for many centuries, a source of inspiration. Poets, artists, painters, and so many other creative minds, all have evoked nature in their works. For some it’s all about the colours, the sounds and rhythms but there is another dimension, often forgotten, the hidden art in nature patterns.

When we look at the curl of a chameleon's tail, the ripples created by waves washing ashore and the spiral of a pinecone's scales we see the beauty of a pattern that takes us to a relaxing and comfort place.

Patterns give us predictability, familiarity and order something we lack in a more complex and erratic world where everything happens so vast and we need to process so much information to make accurate decisions that sometimes we may feel overwhelmed by it all.

More and more we rely on machines to do the heavy lifting in recognizing patterns. This is true for many business sectors and especially in the telecom industry. Using cognitive technologies, CSPs can better understand how customers are using their services, identify business opportunities and flagged alarms when patterns are broken, and exceptions can represent threats and chaos.

The fundamental transformation happening today in the telecom world has had a deep effect on how CSPs engage with customers and the type of product portfolio mix being offered. The need to open the ecosystem and include partners from such diverse origins such as financial services, OTTs, health care, etc. forced a new approach to deal with this dynamic environment.

As service consumption changes rapidly, and network complexity increases, as well as the prospect of network virtualization, CSPs must rethink their network and continuously improve their Network Operations efficiency. With big data solutions enabling the data processing capacity required to unleash the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies, the Cognitive Automation of Network Operations is proving to be the way to go.

However, this further challenges Network Operations organisations to adjust to the rapidly changing technological reality, and cope with the exponentially increasing volume of data. CSPs must embrace the challenge by fully digitalising their Network Operations. Humans will still be part of the equation, but machines will handle a larger volume of requests and do it more efficiently.

In the paper “Unlocking Network Operations for the Digital Age”, we present Celfocus’ perspective on Cognitive Automation solutions for Network Operations, focusing on how they can add value along the CSPs digital transformation journey, with an eye on efficiency gains and better customer service.

Patterns are everywhere, in nature they give us a sense belonging to something bigger than us, in business, they can help us better understand customer needs, how to best serve them and how to be more efficient in managing, for example, network operations. Check out the recently published white paper on how Celfocus can support and help the Vodafone Group to better manage their network operations using cognitive automation, here.