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Sealing deals quickly with secure electronic signatures

About the product:

Sealing deals quickly with trusted and secure electronic signatures

In today's digital landscape, managing various aspects of our lives from the comfort of our homes has become commonplace, whether it's handling finances, telecommunications, or other services. However, across different industries, there's a need for stringent accountability and compliance measures.

Celfocus eSign provides a secure and centralized solution for document management and signing. It boosts security, compliance, and efficiency while promoting environmental sustainability. With options for cloud or on-premises deployment, it empowers real-time signatures for swift, seamless interactions.


What & how did we deliver?

Celfocus eSign is a digital eSignature suite that centralizes all the signature options on a single platform, providing the toolset for all digital signing needs and allowing the collection of signatures in real-time. It’s a unique solution to implement and

manage a fully digital document signing process, aimed at being time and cost-effective while improving document traceability and security. Furthermore, its seamless integration with existing systems ensures a smooth transition and continued operational efficiency.

Compliant with European legislation, Celfocus eSign is a web-based, cross-browser user interface that is secure by design and provides multiple signature options, ensuring the application of all the necessary rules for this type of operation – namely customer authentication. The signature options include biometric, One-Time- Password, Citizen Card, Mobile Digital Key, USB Tokens and PKI, among others.


What is the added value for the client?

Celfocus eSign delivers the following benefits:

  • Time and cost-effectiveness: printing and handling costs are saved, and the time taken to complete agreements is reduced.
  • Improved business processes: Celfocus eSign manages documents online, allowing for signatures to be instantly made and processes to be fully digital, dismissing paperwork and simplifying processes.
  • Multiple signing options: Celfocus eSign Suite provides multiple digital signature methods to support different customer preferences, risks and processes.
  • Real-time signing: signatures can be made instantly on any channel and be seen in real-time on any other channel, providing a truly omnichannel experience for the signing process.
  • Scalability: Celfocus eSign can be extended to support a full range of customisation requirements, from UI to integrations with external providers.
  • Full audit: document creation, access, changes and signatures are fully traceable and auditable, providing a complete vision of the process.
  • Seamless integration: Celfocus eSign seamlessly integrates with existing systems and channels, new and old, to provide the best experience for both customer and user.


Our Clients:

What is the added value for Celfocus?

With an intuitive design and secure infrastructure, Celfocus eSign offers a simplified, customer-centric approach, aligning with our client’s vision of a unique customer engaging experience and the mission to revolutionize their industry sector through technology.

As a reusable product, eSign can be deployed across multiple customers and industries, ensuring consistency and reliability while reducing development costs and time-to-market. Its constant evolution incorporates the latest technological advancements and compliance requirements, staying ahead of industry trends and regulatory changes. This adaptability ensures that eSign remains a versatile and scalable solution, capable of addressing diverse business needs and enhancing operational efficiency.

Our in-depth knowledge of this technological niche has enabled us to tailor a solution that not only matches but also anticipates the evolving needs of modern banking, telecommunications, and other industries when it comes to digital contracts.

Even as a close product, eSign has proven to be a significant business enabler for Celfocus, generating new opportunities for digital transformation projects with both new and existing clients.


Who’s the team?



The new projects that are expected to go live this year are:

  • Vodafone Portugal
  • BAI Europa

We continue to extend the range of digital signature features as European (and world-wide) legislation evolves.

eSign team is currently focusing on self-service features that allow big and small businesses to start using our digital signature suite with little to no development effort. Allowing businesses to focus on clients and experience, and not on the technology.