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Call To Film — Sep 2018

Our daily routine is guided by the mission that moves us: assess, control and minimize the financial risks the business faces in light of the accounting standards imposed.

Sometimes we feel more like we are managing the Tower of Babel because our company is made of people, each with unique characteristics, rules aren’t always understood the same way. In what concerns financial matters, it’s worse.

Our role in this film is to guarantee that control, we are gatekeepers like Gandalf in Lord of the Rings, even if because of it you see us as true ETs. We are the main characters of box-office hits such as Desperately looking for the timesheet, In Search of the Lost PO, The Sound of Budget, Who Framed The Cash-Flow among others. To briefly summarise, there aren’t many financial moments at Celfocus that don’t involve this team.

Our public is vast, from stakeholder to shareholder, information must be on-time, reliable and impartial. All decision making depends on it, which ends up affecting all of us.

The financial team is many times represented as cold and collected people, Wall Street, where expressions such as “cut the throat, kill them…” are commonly used. But everyone knows that not everything that goes on the big screen is real. And that’s where we are different from films based on a true story.

These true Excel Robocops are at Celfocus to help Project Managers control budget and track deviation, Heads of and the Administration reach great productions and successful box-office results, even if resources are limited.

And when we think of budget, we know there aren’t many Titanics or Avatars, but this team takes on different roles so that the next take is just one and happily ever after.

What would you do with 1000€ to improve something at Celfocus?

Ana Barradas

With that amount I would try to negotiate a monthly subscription of a newspaper/magazine on general matters for everyone. Depending on the success of this negotiation we could have several subscriptions and even a fixed tablet in our office kitchens to explore during our coffee breaks.

Pedro Gonçalves

If everyone could finish their timesheet within the deadline, I would organize an end of the day get together with a few snacks. Like a sunset party, the remaining amount would be paid by the administration.

Raquel Moreira

I would give everyone at Celfocus a one-euro scratch card, with hopes of a happier day and even a little extra money for some! Because I don’t think 1000€ can change a financial situation in an organization but it could definitely put a smile on everyone’s face. And at the end of the day that’s all that really matters!

Rita Vilaverde

I would buy a table football to place in our office kitchens in order to create a more relaxed environment and companionship moments during our lunches.

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