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10 Hot Blockchain Startups ideas

Call To Heat — Jul 2021

The article presents the top 10 startups in 2020, working to make the blockchain more common and accessible. 

Everyone offers something unique with a claim for dramatic changes in the industry and huge profits. You have heard about some of them, others are dark horses. At the same time, they all have a great chance to either become a part of our life or bring huge profits to their investors.


1. Libra: Cryptocurrency from Facebook

The fact is that the Facebook cryptocurrency is the stablebcoin integrated into the Facebook software products, the rate of which is linked to the price of real assets and fiat currencies. That is, it will be an affordable coin with a stable exchange rate, which can be used as an alternative to unstable national currencies, for example, the Argentine peso and Turkish lira.


2. Bandwagon: Ticket selling

Hyperledger Fabric blockchain-based technology platform that has two global goals:

  • Create a safe market for the initial and re-sale of tickets for any event - from football matches to dental symposia.
  • Use the visitors' personal data to help event organizers maximize revenue by increasing attendance and attracting new members (fans).


3. (ATOM): Combining all blockchains

decentralized platform that is potentially capable of connecting all blockchains into one global ecosystem (Internet of Blockchains, or IoB), which will allow unrelated chains to exchange values without resorting to the services of intermediaries. The Cosmos project is at the development stage, but it has already entered the twenty cryptocurrency with the largest capitalization.


4. PhunCoin: Loyalty management

PhunCoin is a network from Phunware and IBM. Positions itself as the only blockchain platform that provides solutions, products, data and services needed to attract, manage and monetize the audience of mobile applications. Phunware managed to attract $ 100 million in venture financing and became the first company in the history to be included on the NASDAQ list and at the same time launching Security Tokens Offer (STO).


5. IPwe: Patent licensing

The world's first Global Patent Register (GPR), which will allow market participants to unite, interact and communicate with each other without intermediaries and third-party regulation. At IPwe, you can easily and quickly evaluate patent portfolios, sell and buy patents, pay the appropriate fees and attract third-party services for patent valuation, raising finance and insurance.


6. Securitize: Tokenization of corporate debt

Blockchain platform and protocol for the issuance and management of "digital" securities. The company provides the basis for the issuance of "digital" securities (security tokens), including the services of the issuer, investor and support services. The Securitize protocol used by Digital Securities (DS) has the highest adoption rate in the market. So, among others, it was used to launch STO startups such as Blockchain Capital, Spice VC, Science Capital, 22x Fund, Cityblock Capital, and Augmate.


7. Lucidity: Advertising Fraud Prevention

The goal of Lucidity is to prevent digital advertising fraud by creating a platform where end users of marketing services can verify the authenticity of marketing indicators with a single click. It is not difficult to guess that these data will be recorded and stored on the blockchain and only the participants of specific marketing campaigns and their partners will have access to them.


8. TigerTrade: B2B market for trade

International B2B platform for the implementation of excess retail stocks of branded items in emerging markets. Practice shows that many retail stores at the end of the season accumulate a certain amount of fashionable clothes, shoes, accessories and other things that are no longer popular (due to the change of season). At best, such things are in stock until the new season and then sold at a huge discount.


9. Connecting Food: Supply Chain Audit

French startup using blockchain technology to make the supply chain in the food industry more efficient by checking real-time specifications (geographically, organic, non-GMO, etc.).


10. Ferrum: Equipment leasing

A Canadian company that uses the blockchain to increase transparency and efficiency in equipment leasing. They work with enterprises in such sectors as energy, transport, agriculture, technology and construction, as well as with the public sector, including schools, universities, municipalities and hospitals.


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