Turn over a new leaf

Celfocus Internal Mobility

Call To Wellbeing — Apr 2022

A different challenge, a different you.

What is it? 

Our internal mobility program gives YOU the opportunity to take on a different challenge. This programme will launch new opportunities within Celfocus. 

Why are we doing it? 

Celfocus is continuously attentive to talented people that are capable and willing of performing different roles. We believe these talents are already here, so we want to give you an opportunity to try a different you.  

Whats in it for you?

An opportunity to reach new roles, meet new teams, explore new geographies and develop new skills. All within Celfocus. A different challenge means a different you.

How to apply? 

  1. Go to Celfocus Career site to explore different challenges;
  2. Enter your Celfocus e-mail where it says Already working at Celfocus? to login into Team Tailor;
  3. Choose the opportunity and click on the eye icon to select Apply for this job;
  4. Click on Join the Team;
  5. Fill the form and include your CV in English.

More information, here.

Success Stories

The colleagues below recently gave our internal mobility a chance and found a different challenge within Celfocus. 

João Vasconcelos
Business Unit From - Product Management
Project To - Digital

“Working in a new project with new tasks and responsibilities gets me excited, knowing that I am challenging myself mentally by working on something that is unfamiliar.

Also it allows me to keep learning and further improve my developer skills."

Diogo Bobone
Business Unit From - FS Core
Project To - Analytics

"Being able to switch to Analytics at this point in my career was a chance to try different approaches and challenge myself as a consultant, so this opportunity definitely brought me a new me!"

Mara Guerra
Business Unit From - Quality Assurance
Project To - Managed Services

"After some years in Celfocus, I believe that we still have the chance to revamp our careers and mix the plans that we had reserved for us choosing a different path. At home. Nothing can be more positive than that.

And still, at home, this new opportunity had shown that we never know all about the places where we live and we can discover new rooms for knowledge and meet new and inspiring people.

I'm feeling today a more confident and motivated employee as I feel that I can contribute more to a position that I'm identified for. Also, I met Qatar and I'm glad for a new stamp on my customer experience."

Jefferson Ferreira
Business Unit From - Digital
Project To - Analytics

"Since I joined Celfocus 1 year ago, I participate in many amazing projects that showed me how everything works and how I could deliver solutions to improve the customer experience. 

Even in the middle of the pandemic, at home, I received help and could support others in my path.

Now in the Analytics team, I’m feeling more confident than ever to contribute in a position where I can help others to make the right decision as well as improve my knowledge and relationship with the customer and I’m really happy to be where I am."