Two sides to every question

The answers

Call To Life — Dec 2019

In death, a man finds that his past life is part of an easily accessible search engine of information and memories.

What if when you die, the life you left behind is something that you can access like a search engine? The objective truths of your life turned into visual statistics of numbers, images, and sounds? In Michael Goode’s short film The Answers, life-after-death takes on one man’s existence and shrinks it down to accessible, undisputed facts.

The formula is predictable after the first minute of watching as is the conclusion, but it’s how the film gets there that makes this worth watching. The first person monologue coupled with rich visual flashbacks allow the viewer to slowly piece together the things that matter most in his life as well as the drama that is the loss of his one true love.

For all of those anti-romantics out there, don’t let that edge deter you from watching. As the story unfolds, you get to know the character in such an intimate way that you grow to care about his life and what could have been.